A Daisy Beauty Moment! :)

Hi Everyone!  Here I am, the lovable and hearty Jules! Hehe. Hope you all have been having a good week so far.  I’m just not liking the weather this week. It’s insane! I want my sultry hot summer-like weather back… Give me back more tan and just the ability to show off more skin!! *isn’t so angelic* Hehe 😉 So anyway… here are my highlights so far of the week.


Monday consisted of my  UH Appt—Checking on my earpiece processor map. Made a few changes. All is good. I was at work until 6 PM.  Other than that, just simply Jules’ night @ home.


Tuesday was all about my visit Isaiah at work. As always, wonderful to see him!!! 🙂 However, I always (always) have the feeling that I wish he came home with me at the end of our visit but ah well, what can ya do? I began work on invitations addresses things for the wedding invitations


Wednesday had nothing special to report during work.  However, I found out that Isaiah finally reserved our table for our early v-day dinner on Saturday Feb 11th at Michaels on Thames!!!  Should be an amazing evening there J. Both of us being all dolled up (and with me having my hair done too, yeah, working on the appt with my hairstylist, should know maybe tomorrow). So we’re pretty excited about that evening out!  I was home all night last nite.   More wedding addresses for invitations were completed (our friends, wedding party, and my side of the family). I’ll get the rest of it done probaby by Monday (I have to get more addresses from Isaiah’s side of the family on Sudnay).  Note: invitations itself hasn’t been decided int erms of design and the order, but it’ll be done very soon! 🙂


It’s Thursday aka today. I found out at work, that I got a little raise effective this week. 50 cents more than what I have been making the last three years. Hey, I’ve actually been there for 8 years (started there in 1998 at 15), but I had a BIG raise in 2002 just before starting Western, $4.00 up. To be honest, I was hoping for a whole dollar this year, but oh well. At least it’s something; a raise is better than none at all. Maybe the boss will give me another 50-cent raise after the wedding. That would rock so much but who knows!


In other thoughts, I was just walking home from work today thinking about my university life. I have invested in three years being a Kings College (associated with the University of Western Ontario) student (2002 to 2005).  As of right now, I miss being a student. I juggled three years as a student and working at the office the whole academic year and through the summer. While I love the university campus but as of last summer, I actually like the online courses better than the actual in class ones. I did really well on my first one (which ran from mid May to late July). My final exam was actually on campus, but that was just dandy fine. It was a big change from really going from class to class to being at home studying, reading and being online all day (not just fun stuff)…the Anthropology class that I had taken was through WebCT Vista and I loved it. Discussions were fab. I was able to participate through that and include my own thoughts on the readings we did, and doing the essays that we submitted to our professor by email (of course as an MS Word attachment). My family was very supportive on the online course and along with me, they hope that I’d be able to take more as the remanding courses that I need to complete in order to have my graduation. I’m returning there in September.  I just have to go to Kings in person in February to do all the paperwork to readmit myself there for the fall. Because I was already a student, the process is different, and hopefully faster than students who are applying there for the first time.  I was at least told by my academic counselor back in August when I told her I was withdrawing for a year (taking time off). I know I would be so much more motivated upon my return of so many things: it’s my graduating year; I will be married (so graduating under my married name—that’s another paperwork I will have to do once the university has let me back in after having been gone for a year), I don’t live at home (haven’t since April last year) and if I have my online classes, I’m good to go and be able to graduate. I know that I won’t be a full time student upon my return either, but I’ll be part time and should at least be able to graduate in Fall 2007.  That’s fine by me.  So yeah, it’ll be exciting to be back as a student in September and just finishing my grad year. 🙂


Well, that’s all for today.  More on the weekend should be the case.  Have a great night, everyone!!!!





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  1. Micaela says:

    Hey Jules! Sounds like you\’ve had a fun week. Online courses are better than regular courses in that you don\’t actually have to go to school. But I find that I do worse in them cuz I don\’t really take them seriously! Ohh well, I\’m sure you\’ll do awesome.Have a great day!xoxox

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