The Lights Of Groovyness!!!! :D

Hi Precious Peeps!!!!


Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend! I am! Hehe. Things are wonderful! So obviously, bubbly-happy Jules here! So yes, highlights?  Okay dokie, you got your wish!


On Thursday, I had my dentist appt so I had left work ½ hour earlier than usual.  No cavities… YAY!!!! That’s always a good report. I’m always worried about cavities every time I go there. However, I also got a downside of news. My gums aren’t good L. So that means I’ll have to work extra hard on my teeth if I want bleaching done real soon for the wedding!! Other than that, my evening was all about just chilling out at home!!!!


Friday had some excitement at work.   Tammy came in with her baby girl, Jasmine in the afternoon! Jasmine is just so beautiful!!!! I got pics taken with her J. That rocks! I later visited Isaiah at work. Wonderful to see him as always! As of course, I had spent the rest of evening at home; the kittens and me. My boys are always good and sweet! *SMILES*


Saturday consisted of us finally going to   Mass @ St. Peter’sà I’m so glad we went. It’s been months that we had set foot in the church. Yeah, way too long. So, Our regular pastor (Father Jim)–the one is marrying us at St. Mike’s) was away, but the service was good with the temporary pastor.  We found out that St. Peter’s is not having their marriage prep weekend so I guess we are signing up with St. Mike’s (the actual church that we are getting married in May). The prep weekend is Feb 17, 18, and 19.  We’re calling them Monday to register and find out all the extra info. Should be interesting.  We are still planning on going out for Valentine’s Day, so I guess we’ll do that the weekend before.  Not a big deal.  At least, we’ll get to celebrate the universal love day (even though we DO really celebrate our love EVERY DAY!) and then participate the marriage weekend the following weekend.  No kidding, February is going to be a busy month! We later went with summers and his brother, Ian to Downtown Kathy Brown bar. It was fun. We were there for about 3 hours. Isaiah doesn’t really drink (he just had coke all night) so summers, Ian and me were drinking and later, we downed some shots; Raspberry!! Hehe! Cool times!  No, I wasn’t drunk.. yes, a little buzz ,but that’s about it. I was still able to walk home and remember everything. Good stuff ! *GRINS*


Today is Sunday.  The original plan of having dinner with my parents tonite is not happening anymore. Alex had been scheduled to be playing hockey in Sarnia today and last nite. So we are having the night to ourselves! So it should be relaxing! J So far, we’ve just been cleaning, and everything. I love our house so spotless. yes, right now until things change… we usually take one day out of our weekend, to clean.. and it doesn’t really take all day, but a couple hours or more, since the house is gradually maintained during the week by me so all is good! *SMILES*


Anyway, so yeah.. that’s all the juices I have to share at the moment.  Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!  I will have more wonderful dibs to spill out in a few days.  Just have patience and smile the day away! Yes, positivity is the best thing in the world 😉


Love you all lots!!!!





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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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