Tonight’s Bouquet Of Smiles!!! :)

Hee-Haw Peeps!   

How’s everyone’s week going?  I know lots of you are back at school, and i know things are always stressful the first week back after xmas break but you guys will get through. I’m cheering you guys on, and most of you are graduating this year.. so use that as your motivation!!! 🙂 Summer’s another one to look forward for you guys too!  So anyway; weekly dibs come calling? All right, you got your wish… Jules’ three days! 🙂 Monday simply all about being a home night for Jules. Nothing special to report that day/night.  

  Tuesday was me visiting my honey at his work for his lunch break in the evening. I really adore seeing him even if it’s only for a little bit in the evening.  I so cannot wait for his shift to change… Please people make it happen for February. Word’s going around at work for that, but who knows.  So pray! Thanks! Also, I did online searching for more wedding stuff… I’m so pumped for May. Not so far away now.  My mother hasn’t gotten her MOB dress yet. We did go looking around and she did find something she liked back in August of last year but she never bought it. So I look around and found new styles that she likes so I sent her pictures, and the website. Hopefully, we’ll go soon for her dress and I’ll be sure she gets it or at least orders it J Things are really coming up fast now! *blinks*  

Wednesday aka today… got my GST check so that was deposited at the bank after work today.  Speaking of work… i’m getting used to the weekly pay now so that’s good. As I have been in the past, I wil con tinue to leave some money left in the bank for every paycheck that comes next. Always nice to have $$ always. Even if it’s only a little bit… makes you feel the $$ in the account is bigger than it is 🙂 Also…. I purchased a new shimmery black/gold sexy top… looking forward to sporting that the next time there’s a clubbing night for Jules… soon I hope! LOL.  My boys are funny. They got themselves in the fridge when I was making my salad…another home night as well tonight…. Pure relaxation—all I’ll tell you!

Anyway… so that’s your three days request. LOL.  Check more on the weekend probably as there will probably be a new blog then.  Stay sexy which is always being YOU!  Smile and keep your head up high…. life can be heavenly if you remain positive about everything that comes to you!   

Much Love,  



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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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