The Weekend Excitements!!! :)

Hey Everyone. Hope you all had a great weekend. We sure did. Here are the main highlights!  

On Friday, I  Visited Isaiah at work. Great to see him. I later found out that Tammy had her baby girl around 4:30 PM Friday. Congrats to you and Raph on being parents!!!!!!  Her water broke or in other words, went into labor 10:30 pm Thursday night!  Isaiah and I will share that baby joy in a few years… I promise we’ll tell you when we are pregnant with our first child. Just remember, it won’t be for at least three years or so! J.

Saturday was all about grocery shopping—Isaiah does that while I’m at the mall using up the rest of the gift cards usable in Masonville. Haha. 3 new tops, and bunch o valentine’s stuff.. What did I tell you.. I’m big on LOVE! J      Carol visited in the afternoon (1 PM)… My best friend and MOH!!!! J She’s the first out of my girl friends to visit in 2006! He he.  Great visit.  Love having you here. I’ll visit you at your house next time we plan a get together. I’ll try to anyway! J Isaiah hung up that beautiful sunset moving picture thingy in the living room :D. I love it. Makes me feel we’re in paradise everytime I look at it! Home night with Isaiah. I just love being with him, no matter what we do! : D

Sunday aka today.  We finally started our wedding registry stuff… three places that we’re interested in so far.  We won’t be done with the registry for a while, but maybe by the end of January/early Feb at the latest.  This is in addition to making the wedding feeling more real, and that it’s really happening soon.  We’re getting really excited about it more and everything!!!!  Hehe. Not every female that’s 22 gets married.  So i’m one of the lucky ones. I guess. We later have dinner at Violet & Scott’s (Isaiah’s parents). Yummy chicken.  Played two different games of cards. Fun stuff.  Yeah.  Back home now, and just relaxing before bed.

So yeah, that’s this weekend’s excitement. Probably the most favorite highlight is the registry and seeing my best friend!!!! 🙂  Love you, Carol! 🙂

Anyway, this coming week should be interesting. Maybe Tammy will pop into work with her new baby girl, Jasmine.  We’ll see!  Alright, you guys have a great week.  More dibs to spill later!

Hugs to all,



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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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