Welcome January 2006! :D

Hi Everyone!  

January’s here and so is 2006!!!! Finally, the big year is here….. Hehe.  So obvious your lovable Jules is gonna bonkers-happy! Hehe.  Many amazing things will be occuring this year.  Enuff said!

So off to daily dibs…. Sunday which was New Year’s Day… The first day of 2006!!!!!! Ultimate start of the big year! We had the first day of the year celebration at Mom & Dad’s along with Uncle Joe, Aunt Diann, Cousin Michelle & her fiancé Ryan, and Cousin Kevin.  It was awesome. We were there from mid afternoon until late evening! Presents were of PJ theme. It was funny! *giggles*

Monday & Tuesday were “Home” night for Jules. It was an okay night both days. Nothing exciting to report though.  However, it was an extremely busy and long day at the office on Monday! Catching up after being away last week!  It was back to normal Tuesday.

The weekly deposits from work have officially started, and I’m just getting used to it.   After almost 8 years working there, it takes a while to get used to the change. I had always had money of 2 weeks worth on every other Friday.  But now, it’s on Wednesdays, and every week. I know I get more money this way. Just a matter of being more financially careful each week.  I’m pretty good $$ wise though. I always seem to have some cash still in the bank by the time the next payday arrives though. So smart me eh? I really need to soon start putting away some money for my car if I really want it to have one by the end of the year! *crosses fingers*

Wednesday… Visit Isaiah at work. It was great to see him!  I got to thinking about the honeymoon while I had my bath. Just thinking where we’d be, and everything. It’s just going to be beyond amazing, I just know that much!  We’re really excited for May!!!!! Also,  I ran into Jason on the way home from seeing Isaiah at work.  It only ever happens occasionally that I’ll see people from high school or other places. He’s one of those guys that are really supportively excited about Isaiah and I, and he’s like oh my god, it’s almost here eh, the wedding! J  Thanks Jas!  

Thursday aka today.  Another home night for Jules.  Just relaxation and just keeping our place spotless!  Can’t wait for the weekend!!!

Our living room is now all hearty-wise.. Yes, very ready for romance month (February!). I’m gonna get more new hearty stuff soon. The things that are already displayed, i had collected over the past year or so.  yeah, I’m a romantic babe.   We’ve talked about plans in regards to V-day 2006. Not quite confirmed in terms of when (the date) but we’re thinking of fancy outing. Michaels on Thames, getting all dolled up (yeah, planning to have my hair done), and maybe a movie later on.  We’d have to see.  Previous v-days were celebrate quietly, and just simple. So this would be one of the first actual fancy romance! Hehe. 😉

Ah, no other particualar randomness to share, but I’m sure I’ll have some in regards to the weekend and such!  Hope you all had a wonderful start to 2006!  We are!!! 🙂 Have a great night, everyone.  More trails of dibs to follow later!!

Hugs to all,




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One Response to Welcome January 2006! :D

  1. Micaela says:

    Julie, you are too cute!! I\’ll be spending Valentines day with my cat, but at least someone will be enjoying themselves! just kidding.

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