Jules Gives Her Mind On 2005/2006! =)


FYI… it’ll be long, but good of a read, i would think. Please leave comments. Appreciated! Thanks!  *HUGS*


2005 Universe of Jules’ Life 

I have to say that 2005 has been such an amazing year! It really served me well with lots of happiness, love, success, friendships and relationships.  My favorite and best moments were probably had to do with finally having moved out the end of April, and living the rest of the year with Isaiah. My relationships around family have improved a lot since May. Spending more time with both family and friends.

The entire year has also been devoted to planning the upcoming May 2006 wedding. More things have been accomplished. Isaiah finished his RCIA program in April and became Catholic at St. Michael’s Church offically on Easter Vigil night ( Easter was actually early this year….end of March). Booked our DJ and photographer this Spring.  I ordered my dress in April and was receieved in London in June before my birthday! I had my first fitting in July. My MOH and my bridesmaids ordered their dresses late September and was ready mid October. Finally, it was all picked up by late November.  Also in late September, we purchased our wedding rings&st=1">wedding rings&st=1">wedding rings. You all will have to wait until we’re married to see them!  We’ve also decided on food, flowers, and wedding decorations&st=1">wedding decorations&st=1">wedding decorations.   Quite an accomplishment! However, we still have lots to complete for the new year up to May ie… tuxes for the guys, our cake, getting our passports, marriage license&st=1">marriage license&st=1">marriage license, marriage/church papers/meetings, brial showers (it’s the bridesmaid’s job for that though.), our wedding registry&st=1">wedding registry&st=1">wedding registry (that’s the first thing we’re doing in January!), honeymoon stuff (but one thing done…. we have our traveling suitcase–got one for Christmas!!), and so much more. We both have faith that we’ll get it all done in time for the wedding. . 

We celebrated our 4 years together in love here at our apartment and with taking an “anniversary” day trip to Niagara Falls. Such an amazing day! So beautiful! Romance and a lot of fun! Besides seeing the falls and being tourists around Niagara, our favorite thing that we had done was getting a waxed mold of our hands together joined as one. It’s sitting in the living room&st=1">living room&st=1">living room on top of the entertainment center&st=1">entertainment center&st=1">entertainment center.

Isaiah and I for the first time hosted a party together in our new place on June 11th with friends. A great turn out… Just wish we had a bigger living room to have everyone gather around.  There might be another party hosted sometime in 2006 here since we probably won’t move out until at least early 2007.  It’ll probably most likely be a summer party if that. Since the first half of 2006 will be busy with getting ready for our wedding, working and all.

I also made an decision this summer to take my graduating year off from Western/Kings College to devote to Sutton full time for many reasons like a much needed university break (a year!), make more money, and some of that money was going towards the wedding and some towards living together. I have really evolved more at work as a professional. I am more of being an executive administrative&st=1">executive administrative&st=1">executive administrative. I have taken on new tasks there since September and loving it.  

 We finally became parents in a way. We bought two male kittens of Sherlock and Husky in early October.  We’re proud of our kitty parenting so far. They have been so good boys! They use their kitty litter box for their “bathroom” routine, play with their toys, are friendly to our friends (especially for all of you who really adore Husky a lot!), sleep in their bedroom, and all.  We’ve decided as of tonight, they’re allowed to roam around our place at all hours. Just that our own bedroom door will be closed when Isaiah and I go to bed, as we need our privacy then. Our boys have met our friends and family.  We always get asked, how are our boys? It’s so cute. The one thing of parenting is that the kitties can be independant so when we have to go to work or go out, they can be responsible.  There’s no need for a babysitter right now. Of course there will be one needed when we are away on our honeymoon for a week late May/Early June.

 The last amazing moment is Christmas! We celebrated our first Christmas living together (and it’ll be another first Christmas next year because we’re married by then)! It was just awesome waking up next to Isaiah Christmas morning, and being the excited Christmas babe. As you all know, both Isaiah and my parents always spoil me.  We were able to manage to see both of our parents on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. It worked out really well and we had a little bit of time here ourselves too. So in all, it was a great Christmas!!!  

There’s nothing really special happening tonite aka NYE! Of course romance goes without saying! *wink* We’re leaving 2005 and entering 2006 here at our place with our kittens. We do have a friend of ours stopping by for a little bit after midnight to celebrate the New Year though.


2006 Will Be ROCKING!!!!

This coming year is just going to be beyond incredible! As my mom says, 2006 will be a BIG year! Enough said!  The first 5 months is simply into the final stages of our wedding planning&st=1">wedding planning&st=1">wedding planning and of course working like crazy. I will finally become Ms. Julie Bowers on May 27th, 2006 at St. Michael’s Catholic Church in front of our family and friends after being engaged for 2 years and being in love with Isaiah for 5 years! We will toast the celebration followed by the reception at the Old Courthouse. This wedding will forever be one of our favorite memories of being together in love!!!! 

We have our honeymoon to look forward as well!  Let me tell you more of this. Our honeymoon location is still disclosed, but the experience itself is just so obvious besides the romance.  This will be Isaiah’s first time out of the country, and flying as well.  I haven’t flown since I was 18 and this was months after 9/11.  Last flown destination was in Fort Lauderdale, FLA with my family. Last family trip since I was going to be going to university that fall (this was 2002 by the way). So 5 years have passed of not having flown and being anywhere hot or exotic for a while. We’re married. Simply us two. No family and all! ;).  It’ll be a amazing honeymoon overall. Of course, this will be more detailed once we have had it. Hehe. 

 Of course, Isaiah and I will continue to live together. Can’t you imagine…. it’ll be offically one year of living together on April 30th, 2006? Wow. We’ve done well!  Buying a house and possibly my own car is in the plans for this new year.   We hope to go other places this summer as well. Maybe back to Niagara and see the dolphins, Six Flags, T-dot…. We’ll have to see!

Our kittens will be one year old in August. Fast how they grow eh?  You guys won’t have to worry about pregnancy/baby news from us for at least three years. We both want those first years just being newlyweds, travel, and work on getting our house, cars and all that before we become parents.  

I will return to Western in September.  Hopefully, my last courses that I need to take in order to graduate will be “distance” ones or in other words, ONLINE! Keep fingers crossed for that. I know that chances are that my graduation will be further delayed until at least Fall of 2007 but that’s okay with me.  

I’m not sure what else will be in store for 2006.  But like I said, our long-term goals are into working on getting our OWN house and maybe getting a car. I am not sure if both of those will come true around this time in 2006 but you never know.  I’m keeping my doors open.  Flying high and positively! Thus as sweet and short of 2006, we will be married to each other from May and on! J I know that we will have an amazing married life together for eternity!


There, i’ve said my thoughts towards 2005 and a glimpse of 2006.  Hope that you all had an amazing 2005 and that 2006 will be much more awesome for you guys too!!!!


With Love,  




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  1. Micaela says:

    Sounds like you had a great year Julie and 2006 will definitely be VERY exciting for you. I\’m really excited for you!!!

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