Ahh… New Years Eve!!!! :)

Hi Everyone!

Hope you all had a great week.  Finally, the last day of 2005 is finally here. Amazing how the year has flown by eh?  I am doing another blog after this about the year and of 2006. But all i’ll say that for 2006… It’ll be a BIG year for Isaiah and I!

Anyway, I’ll give you the rest of dibs on Friday and today (so far). =)

Friday was yesterday.   Diane visits!!!! Thanks for coming by babe!  Your welcome about the copies of the pics.  Thanks for letting me upload the ones you have.  Crazy night eh? Haha. I’ll wait for the real copies to keep.  She was here from 1:30 until 4 PM.  Got to plan another visit soon.  I know it’ll be a bit harder now that school will be underway again in a few days.  Belch! I later visited Isaiah at work for his lunch break. Hasn’t done that for a while.  Great to see him!    I becoming a Jess bombshell in mastering her dance moves in the “These Boots are made for walking’” Music Video.  Haha.  My legs were so sore after 2 hours!!!  Well actually more like 2 and half hours!

Saturday aka NYE!!!! This is TODAY! Last day of 2005. We are just being together and loving it!   We took our tree down and other Xmas decorations. Getting ready for New Year.  Go by the motto: If the house is clean for the New Year, it’ll stay clean all year.  If the house is messy when the New Year starts, it’ll continue to be messy all year. So yes of course, we’re going for the spotless clean route! =)   A friend of ours, Rick will be over after work to celebrate the New Year with us even though it will be after midnight. J Ah well, all is good!  It’ll be a picture opportunity though. It’s always nice to have a third person around so I’ll be able to get the first of 2006 shots of me and Isaiah together J That rocks more!  

So there you have it…. Hope you all have a rocking NYE!!!!! Celebrate and smile into 2006!!!

Much Love,




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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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