Huggable Week! :)

Hi Everyone!

Hope you all are enjoying your week with freedomness! Hehe. I would have to say I am as well, but only a bit sucky yesterday. No biggie though!. So  you want the week highlights so far eh? Alrightee.

Monday was Boxing Day.  We were at Uncle Shawn’s (Stratford)—afternoon until evening. It was great. The family was on Violet’s side.  We hardly see this bunch at all.  I think Isaiah and I have only seen this family maybe 4 or 5 times through this whole time we’ve been together.  We’ve seen my family more like both my mom and dad’s side more than Violet’s side.  We got home late.

Tuesday was our magical “27th”: 5 months to go until our Wedding!!! May’s coming so fast now!! : D. Anyway, I relaxed with Isaiah until 3:30. I managed to get the car from mom at 12.  Have it until Thursday! Yay! Later, my shopping at Masonville. I got a nice black top, more general wrapping/gift bags, a heart candleholder, pics developed, two CC t-shirts. Of course, two stops at the parent’s house to check on pets.  Nothing new there.


Wednesday aka yesterday just a BLAH day!  Isaiah and I get sick (well more like Isaiah, not so much of me.. I’m real strong fighter).  I take Isaiah to the walk in clinic. Waited for almost 2 hours to see the doc: P.  Anyway, we get home, and just kind of relax around the house doing nothing but relaxing. I of course, still check on the pets three times through the day to make sure they’re okay, enough food and what not.  We rented “Into the Blue”. We begin watching this before bed, but didn’t complete watching it. We to finish it the next d ay.  

It’s Thursday aka today    Just relaxing. Isaiah’s just better enough just to manage to go into work this afternoon. Me, I’m still in a-choo! Mode, but I think I’ll be a-okay by tomorrow. I have to return the car to parents sometime today.  Boo-hoo. Ah well, at least i got to drive, before the year ends hehe.  Not sure  yet, but maybe.. just maybe, the mall later today—White Oaks… we’ll see. If not, no biggie. Maybe in the next few days.

So that’s it.  I can’t believe the year’s drawing to a close so fast.  Technically, Friday will be the last sleep for 2005, and 2006 will begin midnight Saturday. Man!  Bam!  Our wedding will be here faster than we think. 5 months will quickly turn into days before we know it. Amazing how time travels!

By the way, I have created a new winter album.  Pics that were developed Tuesday are in there.  Mostly of me, Di, and Jon.  A little bit of Christmas is in there but there’s actually more christmas still in my camera so 😛 but at least it’s started. Hehe.

Have a wonderful day, everyone.  Maybe there’ll be one last blog of 2005 on Saturday, if not… well obviously, this would be, and the first blog of ’06 would be on Sunday nite (more like it).

Love you all,




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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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3 Responses to Huggable Week! :)

  1. Chris says:

    Did Boxingday happen to involve boxes at all? like did you do anything box related, perhaps appreciate all the things boxes have donw for you over the years? cuz…I think tha\’ts the only point of that holiday….thank you boxes, I love you-C

  2. Micaela says:

    Sounds like you had a good week… have an awesome New Years Julie!

  3. Micaela says:

    oh & the pictures of you and Diane & your boys are super cute!

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