Merry Christmas!!! =)

Ho Ho Ho! =)


Merry Christmas Everyone. Hope you all enjoyed it throughly and got to sp end it with family and friends.  Christmas is jsut a wondeful time for love, friendship, family, and just memories!=)


Anyway, giving you dibs of my weekend.  Starting with Friday.   Got Mom’s gift. Wrapped it. J All done Xmas shopping! YAY!  Just simply “home” night for Jules. Pure relaxation! J  I deserve this because… Sat, Sun and Monday will be on the go, go! No stops.  Isaiah and I would hardly have much alone time together, but that’s okay. We live together and will get to be together for everything this weekend and beyond! I want to mention that Friday nite, we had our 1A.M.Crazyiness!  Yes, we went grocery shopping at 1 AM. Also, we made a stop at Shoppers, and WALMART.  We come home officially at 3 AM and went to bed for 4 A.M!  It was nuts, but it was cool doing our groceries in the wee hours! Haha.  Interesting night eh? *smiles*


Saturday had us going to the Christmas Mass with my family for 7 PM. Great mass.  Might go to the midnight one next year.  We’ll see! Rest of evening at Scott and Violet’s… Watching 40-Year-Old Virgin (my 3rd time seeing this!). Home midnight. Wonderful Christmas Eve!  


Sunday aka Christmas Day which was TODAY!  Christmas morning here!  Woke up just before 9 AM. So spoiled from Isaiah: D.  All I’ll say, that it was just amazing, the experience of it all being here. Our first place, kittens, and just sharing Christmas together 😀 After that, we had more xmas stuff at Violet & Scott’s from 11-2: DDinner & Visit at my parents for Sworik family Christmas.  Just awesome.  We were there from 4 until almost 10 PM.  More presents. Spoiled me! LOL.  I have actually been since mid December starting with work and such.  It won’t end until later tomorrow night! Damn! LOL.


So there you have my weekend.  Great Xmas eh? So.. i’m off this week.. YES… a full week  vac from work!  YAY!  I’m just going day by day with plans and such with friends, and what not.  It shall be an awesome week. The only thing that i know i’m really busy is tomorrow aka Boxing Day.. Isaiah and I will be in Stratford (i think) with his parents to visit relatives on Violet’s side.  Should be great!  Busy though LOL. We’ll get to have the morning here, and lunch and then we’ll be on our way.  Probably back late. But anyway, you’ll get more dibs of that later and the rest of the week.  


Have a wonderful night everyone, and yes, it’s snowing outside.. AMAZING end to Christmas Day!! 🙂


Love you all,






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