Ho Ho Ho! LOL :D

Hi Everyone!

Hope you all are enjoying the freedom from exams and such! *HUGS*  Everything’s merry in Jules’ land! *smiles*  I’ve just been thinking about my blogs and I’m just gonna give just the main highlight of the days instead of just what’s happening every moment and such. You all know by now that i work during the week days so there’s no point mentioning there, but still good stuff will be told and all so no worries.  Keeping spirits up and much more positive i would think =)

Anyway, let’s begin with Sunday   Dinner @ Violet & Scott’s was good. Afterwards, we played cards. I was the queen winner! LOL. We were there until 10.  As we got home, we just relaxed for a while. Just watching CSI NY.  

Hours pass by and it’s Monday. After work. Christmas Shopping—Masonville.  Got all shopping done for Isaiah. Finally.  Most of the family was done a couple weeks ago. All I have left is my mom, some stocking stuffers for Isaiah and secret Santa for Isaiah’s extended family. That’ll be done Friday hopefully.  Got home 10 PM. Got pics developed! YAYNESS!!!

Tuesday had me going to the office’s Wine & Cheese Party which was held from 7- 9 PM. Went well. Stayed at the office until 10 actually.  Lots of catching up with people, and just being merry. LOL.  Got pics taken with the Sutton girls and yes, Tammy was there.  Got a ride home from Tammy. Thanks Tam!

Wednesday was all about the hang out with Di and her boyfriend, Jon.  They came up to meet our kittens in the evening, and caught up with me life-wise.  Afterwards, we went to Martini bar.  Nice to get out and just unwind! LOL. Di and I downed three martinis before we left there.  Soho, Savannah and Strawberry Kiss (this actually tops Soho!). My new favorite one! Haha.  We three took pics and such. Took lots! My film’s almost done! Thank you Di and Jon for the rides to the bar and to home. Appreciate it! 🙂  Can’t wait to see pics (and i’ll put up the ones I took once they’re developed!).  Btw,  it was nice to see you both! 🙂


Thursday aka today was Jules and Carol Nite.  Carol visits. “Best Friends Christmas!” 😀  Wonderful time! I love what she got me and she adored her gift!  It was really great to see her! *smiles*  We don’t get to hang out very often, so times that we do get together are savored and cherished to the fullest. There’s a possibility of another visit next week when I’m on vacation rom work.  We’ll have to see how things pan out! 😀

Here’s some odd randomness:

Ø      Kittens have been crazy and funny lately this past weekend.  Sherlock’s been stealing a bow & carrying it to his room. Husky’s found his way in the tree and relaxing on the branches. Just sitting there.  I have pictures to prove it!

Ø      Pictures were uploaded Monday night from the mall. Go have a look in the fall album, kittens. 😀

Ø      Christmas is now three days away. I can’ wait.  I’m so excited.  I’ve always been the Christmas individual in my family and Isaiah can still see me all giddy about it still LOL. Isaiah’s too!  He can’t wait for me to open my presents and such. So cute!


So there you all have the new fix on Jules’ crazyiness! LOL. Hope you all enjoy the rest of the week.  There might be a little time on Saturday aka Christmas eve to do another blog. If not, definitely sometime on boxing day.  There’ll be lots to tell and such!  Just in case of this not having a blog Saturday, MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!!  Kitty-mas from Sherlock & Husky! LOL.


Love you all,






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