A December Rose =)

Hi Peeps!

 Hope you all are having a good weekend thus far!  So here I am with some updates!  So here we go with Thursday.  Not so much happened that is exciting. Just same old with work and being home. I managed to stay up for Isaiah when he got home though 🙂.

Friday was another one of Isaiah’s Vacation Day!  Of course, I couldn’t be with him until I was finished my work day at the office.  He had spent the daytime with the guys though. So that’s nice that he got ot see them before Christmas 🙂 Anyway, we’re together shortly after I come home (he got home 6 PM) and we just relax together for a few hours. Isaiah’s best friend,   Summers came over later like at 11 PM!  We order pizza, wings and Caesar salad.  We watched the 40 Year Old Virgin on DVD.  Good movie. Summers left just before 2 AM.  We went to bed shortly after.  Oh yeah, Husky was being all CUTE on Summers’ lap.  I took pictures! Hehe.


Saturday aka today.  Consisted of not much excitement.  The kittens were back at their ver for their last booster shot. We booked for their “fixed” and “declawing” surgery—Friday Jan 25th and we pick them up the next morning, Saturday (overnight stay). We find out that Husky is now at 6 pounds and Sherlock is at 5 ½ pounds.  They’re growing kittens!  Before heading home, we made an tiny stop at Mom & Dad’s to pick up the video camera. We still have Isaiah’s parents wedding tape from September, and we haven’t had a chance to convert it to VHS so we’re doing that as a Christmas present for Isaiah’s parents. So we saw mom. We still had the kittens with us so my mom, Niko and Shadow got to see them.  Shadow got really jealous (making weird sounds) and actually went in the pet carrier himself.  It was funny.   We’ve been relaxing and such for the rest of the afternoon, and will do some more tonight.  We’re staying in.  Not going out or anything.   Not a whole lot of money involved to do things that we’d like to do.  For me, I just have enough money for the rest of the Xmas presents that I have left to get for people, and for the martini bar on this coming Wednesday with Diane and the gang.  Isaiah’s kind of broke himself too.  It’s okay though.  We don’t have a lot of those home nights.  We’ve been out a lot the last few weekends.  So this is good in a way.

Here’s some Randomness:

  • Micaela mentioned about NY resolutions for ’06 in one of her LJ entries. A house is definitely in the plans, but I really want my own car too. I know that we can be at this house/apartment for at least another year, but after that we need to move out  (’07) and have a house that is totally OURS and not shared. You know?  I don’t need an expensive car, but I want something that works, is drivable and that is somewhat modern (not like ’06 model, but something maybe within 10 years range) and of course you all know, itt has to be BLUE! Hehe. I want to be able to drive, see people when I want to and stuff like that. I don’t mind the city bus really. I’ve been used to it since I was like 12 but it does get old, and I do have my full license (G)  so I really want to make use of my license and I don’t live with my parents anymore.  I can’t always have the Lexus all the time (I WISH I COULD!). Anyway, we’ll shall see how 2006 fares out. Maybe I’ll have my car and a house on the way! LOL 🙂
  • I’ve been getting christmas presents at work.  Of course not just me, the other sutton ladies have been too.  I don’t think the presents won’t stop coming until the 23rd.  I’ll have a lot of THANK YOU cards to do and that will also include family and friends too over my week off (Boxing Day week)
  • Tammy had her last day at work on Friday…. she’s now offically on her maternity leave. Her due date is Jan 1st.  The office will all miss her.  She might make an appearance at the office’s annual wine & cheese party Tuesday nite that is if she hasn’t had the baby yet.  You know when it comes to first babies, they could come out 2 weeks early or two weeks late or rarely on time. I’m gonna try to bring my camera and maybe I’ll score another pic with Tammy if she’s there and maybe one with all the sutton ladies! 🙂

Anyway, hope you all enjoy the rest of the weekend.  More dibs of my life will be added on in a few days.  For those of you who just finished exams… party like crazy and please invite me… i’ll do my best to come out!!!. I want to be there (even though I’m not a student right now).  Love you all!






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3 Responses to A December Rose =)

  1. Chris says:

    Video Camera? you two making porn again? does it involve 6 midgets named bob and a platypus? cuz that would be hot….or maybe the canadian tire guy?invite him over….pleeeeeeeaaaaaaaasssssse?peace, love and stupidity-CThe Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksman

  2. Chris says:

    Video Camera? you two making porn again? does it involve 6 midgets named bob and a platypus? cuz that would be hot….or maybe the canadian tire guy?invite him over….pleeeeeeeaaaaaaaasssssse?peace, love and stupidity-CThe Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksman

  3. Micaela says:

    Hey Julie! Glad I inspired you to make new years resolutions.. yours are pretty good and I bet you\’ll make them come true this year. Have a merry christmas and hopefully I will see you sometime before I go back to school. Oh yeah, and I\’m totally jealous of you and Carol\’s night together tomorrow. HAVE FUN!

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