Jules’ Snowflakes :)

Hi Everybody!

How you all tonite?  Me.. just peachy!!!!! I’m in a love world right now. LOL.  Isaiah’s home tonite.. No wonder for super happiness!  Anyway… you guys are craving for some day timbits? Okay dokie.. Here we go!

Sunday had us getting up around 9:30 AM. We left at 10:30 for White Oaks Mall. We find out Bob Gowan is closed, but we look around the mall anyway and I end up buying more xmas presents for people. Hehe.  Almost there of being COMPLETED!  After that, we did our groceries.  We return home around 2 PM to  unload groceries, have lunch and just relax. We left for St. Thomas with my parents and Alex just before 5 PM.  We five had xmas dinner with Uncle Butch, Aunt Ingrid, Cousin Brian & wife Amy and their little one, Brennan,  Cousin Belinda & hubby Jason and their little one Brady (he’s offically ONE year old as of tomorrow!). I spent a lot of time with Brennan (and even got a picture with him) he he.  I love babies. Uncle Butch and Aunt Ingrid say that we are next… not for a while, people… for at least three years maybe. See, we also want at least two years of our married life just enjoying one another before having a baby&st=1">having a baby and all. Anyway, we got home just after 10 PM.  Relaxed for a bit and then watched some of Nat. Lappoon’s Christmas Vacation. Didn’t finish it. Too tired LOL.  Busy day though! No wonder! Hehe.  By the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SARAH W!!! 🙂 She turned 22 on this day! 🙂

Before we know it, Monday has arrived.  I’m back at work after the weekend off. Nothing new at the office.  Same old jazz.  After work, I did some Xmas shopping at White Oaks with a friend. It was fun. Still not done, but anyway. Nice to be out for a bit.   Finally mailed some xmas cards (the rest will be on their way later on this week! :)) YAY!  After that, I come home, relax, cleaned, and just basically stayed up until Isaiah got home from work. We were chatting for a bit, and then we went to bed! 🙂


Tuesday trikles by.  I work all day.  However I worked until 6:00.  Hey, extra hour of pay J  Afterwards, the Sutton ladies and me went over to one of the agent’s house, Brian’s for dinner and to relax.  Amazing dinner, and lot of fun.  Brian got gifts for all of us. I ended up getting this beautiful blue cashmere scarf. Very warm! J  I got home just after 10:30. I was really tired…. So I went to bed just after 11 PM and just woke only to see that Isaiah was home and coming to bed with me J


Wednesday aka today comes about. Once again, I  Work all day.  Poor dad, though. He was feeling weird around lunch time and got sent to the ER by my mom.  Turns out that there are a blood clot from the back of his neck up to his head. Scary stuff.  Dad has to stay home for a few days. Looks like the Sutton ladies and me will be running the office for a while. After work, I drove the Lexus back to my parents house as my mom took my dad’s car.  So I was there for a little while.  Got to visit Niko, and Shadow, and Alex.  I went to Shoppers to fill up Dad’s prescription from the doc and did a little bit of xmas shopping.  I finally returned back to my place 7 PM.   Isaiah was home as a surprise.  Booked a vacation day today. So sweet. I love him being home at nights when I’m home too! *smiles*  I do Laundry and such.  We are going to watch a movie shortly.  Probably go to bed around 1 AM as we normally do as Isaiah would have been coming home that time anyway ( had he gone to work) .

Hope you enjoyed your weekly timbits… hehe.  More later on.. probably sometime over the weekend.  Enjoy the rest of the week.  Stay jolly!  Hehe. …. Christmas will be here one week from Saturday!!! YAY! Can’t wait!








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2 Responses to Jules’ Snowflakes :)

  1. Chris says:

    Oh Jules you crazy rainbow buttmonkey, merry bloomin christmas, I was gonna get you a packet of instant gravy I found in the road, but alas, sadly, I got hungry and ate it…..peace, love, and my tummy hurts….stupid road gravy-C

  2. Tiana says:

    hi  are you jules melrose or jules snowflakes or someone enline named jules

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