Singing A Beautiful Note :D

Hi Precious Friends!!!

Here we are on a weekend, and time for an update.  It’s cold outside but still beautiful with the sunshine.  I though was thinking last nite.. i want my bloody summer now… you all know that SUMMER is my favorite season!!! 🙂  Anyway… we last left off with Tuesday in the last blog so let’s go with Wednesday to begin with. Work all day. Same as usual. However, I got to see my mom, Cousin Jill & her mom and Jill’s kids for lunch. It was a treat! J Too short, but still sweet though!  I find out that I am going to have the last week of December OFF!!!! YAY!!! I rock 😀  I spend the relaxing evening at home. I end up organizing, cleaning and such around our place. Very productive night i must say! 🙂 Of course, I  Get all of Isaiah’s calls… what’s not to love hearing the voice of the man you love? 🙂 Basically, I stayed up… worked on an Xmas surprise for Isaiah. Then I was in a romantic mood too. I put up cute I love you notes all over our place and was a sexy Santa in a way! **Wink** So when he got home, he was in awe (really good one!) and we were up until about 2 AM… *smiles*

Thursday consisted of me working at the office during the day. Afterwards, I went to the mall to do some Xmas shopping. The outcome? I got more things for some people (at least i’m started LOL).  I’m not done yet though.. I think I’ll need a few more trips and it’s likely, you could find me at the mall Friday Dec 23rd after work too.  We’ll see.  So, when I get home, it’s 8 PM.  So I do laundry, and i proceed to watch CSI and ER. My good Thursday shows: D Then, I went to bed and that was just after 11 PM. Too beat to stay up for Isaiah: P

Friday rolls around. Nothing much new at the office. Although it was Pay Day! : I go to the bank after work….Yay my direct deposit&st=1">direct deposit check from work goes through!! ***Dances***  So i’m  happy.  I take some money out of my account, and go home.  Just enough time here to eat and relax a little bit.  After, I head out the wintery night bliss to see Isaiah at work for his lunch break.  It was really nice to see him 🙂 I return home afterwards.  I do laundry once again, and spent most of hte night chatting up with Di on MSN.  Great chat, Di!  Then i go off to have a relaxing bath, and wrap some of the presents that I had bought Thursday and do dishes (wash and put away).  Relax a little bit.  Then next thing I know, Isaiah’s home from work.  So we talk and cuddle for a while. We went to bed around 2 A.M.

Today is Saturday. This has simply been a Mother & Daughter Day :). So the day started off with having our haricut… and I got my highlights done.. .I love it! It feels so great to have more blondness… He he. More of it is going to be added in May (just in time for the wedding!! 🙂 Afterwards, we have lunch at this place like just around the corner… good food and we chat for a while. Once we were done lunch, we went to check out three cake places… Cakewalkers, Mount Bakery and A Piece of Cake. There’s this one cake that I’m in love with, and it’s just unbelievably gorgeous. Just a matter of the filling. We’ll probably officially decide in January or so which of those three places that we’ll have our cake done. Mom drops me off at 4 PM.  Man time flew. I had been with my mom since 10:30 this morning. He he.  Wonderful day with Mom.. I really enjoyed the day with her! 🙂 So for the rest of the day/evening, I’m just going to stay in with Isaiah and just enjoy our time together.


So there, you have the rest of the week’s update!!! Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend. Stay warm, sexy and being you LOL 🙂


Much Love,




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One Response to Singing A Beautiful Note :D

  1. Micaela says:

    woah julie.. or should i say "sexy santa"??? SCANDALOUS!!!! i\’m sure any cake you choose will be beautiful!! getting married must be fun… i should try it sometime. maybe in about 10 years!

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