A Wintery Meow =)

Hi Everyone!!!

The long awaited return of Jules.  No fret.  So next up… the weekend juices! Hehe.  Enjoy! We begin with Saturday… It was simply Isaiah’s birthday.  We wake up around 10 AM.  I gave him his gift… 2 wrestling dvds he wanted and a new bottle of shaving cream (he had run out the other day).  We relaxed all day.. wonderfulness. I kept napping a couple times.  I guess i was in a need for lots of sleep! Hehe!  Later, we celebrate more of Isaiah’s birthday with his best friends, Alan and Summers by having dinner at the Rockwell (wasn’t bad) and went to see Flight Plan and Jarhead at Rainbow. Hehe. We didn’ t get home until after 2 AM. However, it was nice being the only girl with the guys. That hasn’t happened for a while: D. I love that! We went to bed shortly after we came home. Alan had come up to see our Xmas decorations and then left.

Time trickles by and the next thin you know, it’s Sunday morning.  Again, we we wake up around 10 AM.  We relax until lunch and then we went out to get some extra  food, and more kitty food. We came home for a bit. Then we had  Isaiah’s birthday dinner with Isaiah’s parents and me.  We played cards after dinner. I won this time Whoo-hoo! We were home just after 10 PM and relaxed until bed. We started to watch Monster Mother in Law. We got too tired halfway through, and decided to go sleep since it was after midnight.

After a few hours in sleepyland, we wake up to Monday.  I am at work as usual during the day. It got crazy. I was very busy and I stayed for an extra 10 minutes before calling it a day.  Btw, the staff girls all got Xmas teddy bears (got one with a blue girly outfit) from one of the agents, and a cute tree/seashell key chain (which I ADORE!) from another agent. It’s definitely started to be like Christmas at the office already! Hehe.  After work, I’m just spending the evening at home. So I do laundry, and relax and such.  I cleaned my tubby eventually! . Finally found stuff that works on scum! This spray bottle that has bleach in it! He he. Sorry, just all giddy when stuff DOES work!  Of course, I get all of Isaiah’s calls as usual. LOVE hearing from him! : D I go to sleep about 45 mins before Isaiah gets home but of course, i get woken up when my sweetie is home and tell him about the clean tubby and talk for a bit before going back to sleep 🙂

Many hours fly by and then it’s Tuesday aka today! As usual, i’m the working babe during the day.   Work wasn’t too bad as Monday. It slowed down. So I was caught up way before my shift ended which was a good thing too 🙂 I then come home when my shift is done for ab it to eat, and relax a bit and do laundry again.  I just came back from visiting Isaiah at his work for his lunch break. It was wonderful seeing him.  I really really hope that his next shift change (hopefully January) that he’ll get on days shift meaning that he would actually have nights with me, and of course sleeping together as we still do now lol.  The big bonus that I would like to have with that is the weekends off like me, but we’ll have to see. 

Anyway, I can’t wait to have him home later on tonite when he’s all done work for the night.  I love our sleeping cuddles and such. 🙂 Until Isaiah gets home, I’ll be just relaxing some more, watch my show of GG at 10, and maybe I’ll get more of a cleaning mood (and put away dishes that Isaiah had washed during the day) :).  I love how we share chores.  It’s just amazing how we work so awesome together with things like that! 😀

Likewise, lots of excitement in the next few days!!! I hope to go back to the mall on Thursday to do more xmas shopping. My mom and I have our day together with getting our haircut (and highlights for me :D), and checking out cake places (and maybe hopefully book it too) on Saturday! I can’t wait. I love how we have our mother-daughter time. Seriously, we’ve grown more closer since I moved out of her house in April. 😀  Sunday, we’ve been asked to join my family to go down to my uncle’s place in St. Thomas for a xmas function.  Should be interesting 🙂 And of course before that, we’re doing our usual grocery shopping, and maybe more xmas shopping and looking at tuxs again. Heeh.


Anyway, you’ll probably get another update… check Friday nite/Saturday 😀  Please buddle up in the wintery weather and be merry too! Hehe.

Have a great night, loved ones! =)





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