Silent Snowy, Snowy Night!!!

Hi People….

Well once again, one of those wee hour blogs… and it’s 12:30 AM late friday or actually technically early Saturday morning!!!  What you all think of the crazy snow??  Ack!!!! It’s not christmas YET!  I only want this magical white covering lawns and such on xmas eve and xmas day, and that’s it.  The only time that is adored precious and makes more xmasy in the holiday spirit altogether!  Man… what a white out this morning!!!! Thank goodness, Isaiah was a sweetheart and walked all the way to MY work with me! I had my guardian teddy bear! Hehe! 🙂

Anyway, i know you guys are dying for the weekday updates.. So i’m getting to it.. let’s crawl back to Tuesday… as usual, i’m at work being the business woman all day.   I was just home all night, just to relax, and such and i did laundry.  I had my shows of GG to watch too 🙂  It was great just to be home with the kittens! 🙂

Before we know it… it’s Wednesday… nothing new at work to report.  After work, I went home and relaxed a bit. Then Dad picked me up. we had our date at the IMAX theatre. It was the closing night for the theatre. It was packing up for good and my dad knows me too well.. dolphins. So that was the film we saw. Amazing, and well… i really really want to have the dream to have swam with dolphins sometime in my life for real.. .maybe it’ll become reality when Isaiah and I have our honeymoon next year as soon we’re married! I guess we’ll have to wait and see.  Anyway, it was really nice to just to have me and my dad together.. It hardly ever happens anymore. Sure, i see him at work, and i do visit him when Isaiah and I visit the family every other Sunday. 

My dad is just like me.. a busy individual.. too many things happening (actually, my dad’s far more social and busier than i am at the moment though).  He drove me around to see the lights at Victoria Park before dropping me off.  My dad and I have always adore seeing xmas lights… one of our favorite things about the holiday season.. rainbow of lights through the city and on houses. 😀  So once I was home, I just relaxed, and before i know it, an hour went by and I was like READY for SLEEP. It was only 10 PM.  I did need it though.  🙂  Of course Isaiah comes home to cuddle and join me in my sleep when he got home from work 🙂

A few hours trinkle by and as you know it… Thursday is here!  Working during the day as usual… still freaking slow, but i do get enough work to get by through the day 🙂 After work, I make the trek to the bank and then i wnet home for a little bit. Just enough time to change, and have dinner. Then I went back out to see Isaiah for his lunch break at his work.  So wonderful to see him.  Then I left.. got home in time to watch CSI, and ER and I was back and forth with the computer too LOL.  I also did dishes and vaccummed. I was in a cleaning mode. go figure!  So I basically stayed up for Isaiah getting home from work.  We got to spend some time together for a bit before offically going to bed. So nice 🙂

Finally… Friday arrives today  and the day starts with CRAZY snow! White out and all… It was nutty all day!  Work was so slow, but again, i get by with enough work to make time fly!  The weather cleared up safe enough to still go to Masonville as originally planned… I got pictures developed.. they’re up in the album now.. GO LOOK! Mostly its from last Saturday nite with Carol’s birthday but there’s some of our xmas decorations and the kittens.  There are still some of Carol’s b-day bash left in the current film which is still in my camera (film’s not done yet! :P).  gotta wait for the rest later!  I took the bus back to downtown and I was back just before 8 PM…

It was nice to kinda ride through the university campus and being around university people tonite (that was the majority of the people that waited with me for the bus from the mall).  I still miss university life a little bit but I DO adore my full time work life and so much more right now.  I’ll return to the university world next September.. until then, i’m just working like crazy, still planning the rest of our wedding, and then finally getting married, having our honeymoon ,and will have offically lived together for a year and a little more by the time September rolls around. 

Anyway. back to tonite…  I did some laundry, and like i said.. scanned the new pictures and stuff.. I put together Isaiah’s b-day present.. basically wrestling DVDs that he wanted to have and shaving cream (ran out).  🙂 I get to give it to him in the AM when we wake up from our sleep and such!  We’re celebrating his birthday with the guys tomorrow nite with dinner and movies.   Isaiah gets to celebrate his birthday again Sunday nite with me and his parents.  fun weekend! Anyway, I’ve been watching CSI since 10, and it’s just about done.. Isaiah’s going to be home shortly, and i just want to end this note for now 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend everyone.. you’ll get more weekend dibs and more in a few days… Stay beautiful!




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One Response to Silent Snowy, Snowy Night!!!

  1. Micaela says:

    Hey Julie!!! Sounds like you had a fun week. Tell Isaiah I said Happy Birthday! I had fun with you and everyone on Carol\’s bday. :)Mic

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