Mild Monday!! =)

My Dearest Friends!!! 😀
So it’s Monday aka time for you guys to know what happened over the weekend. 
Last update was Friday nite so we’ll begin with Saturday.. .Ready?? =) Here we go!   We slept in until 10 AM. Then, I went with Isaiah to his dentist (appt was at noon). While we were in the area (and waiting for him to finish), I did some shopping at Herbie’s and worked on some of the Xmas cards too. Got most of it done. So good!  After the dentist thing, we decided instead of doing an anniv. dinner Sunday, we’d have lunch instead. So we had our anniversary lunch at Crabby Joe’s.  Wonderful! Love those Caesar wraps!  Yummy stuff!  Then, we did our grocery shopping—nothing new to report on there.  The last stop before heading home was   Blockbuster—we got two movies–Wedding date and something else. Can’t remember! : P Finally…    Home—relaxation and getting ready!   We went downstairs to visit Dylan and Sarah before our night out.  Their place is in xmas mode too! Hehe.   They have belief that their cat, Hazy is pregnant. We’ll see as time goes by. Then, Carol’s birthday bash was happening. First at Palisad (Oxford/Adelaide) and then later at  Barking Frog! It was such an awesome night!!! I got drunk and so did Carol. Some pics are uploaded on the album courtesy of Carol/Vivi’s camera. So go look in the FALL album!  I took tons that night too but all of us will have to wait until a week or so for them to be developed and scanned. No worries, in due time, it’ll be uploaded on here! 🙂  Of course, Isaiah was with me to celebrate Carol’s birthday. I did some dancing wtih him and the crew! :D.  We were home 1:30 AM.  Oh yeah, I ran into Bobby from high school.  Got a picture with him too! .  Christine, he says hi!!!  Oh yes, I had the precious lexus so I drove to palisad and the frog, but Isaiah was the DD as I had planned on getting drunk and so I did. hehe. I’m so glad that we came out. We both had a great time, and I really enjoyed being there for Carol’s birthday! 😀


Anyway, a few hours fly by and then it’s Sunday! We woke up at around 10 AM. I had no hangover.  Probably because I had eaten before drinking and after.  So good. I know that I had a buzz during hte night out though!  Anyway, we relaxed for the morning.  I still had the lexus so I went to see Carol to officially give her gift (no time last night.. Carol was so social!). She loved her gift! J  I was there for about an hour for the visit.  It was great! After seeing Carol, I went to see mom for a bit—Shadow was on the laptop. He he.  Joking looking at kitty sites. Haha.  This visit was basically to return the lexus to my parents.  Came home.  I relaxed for the rest of the night with Isaiah.  We eventually watched two movies—A Wedding Date (that was bought Saturday) and Skeleton Ked. After that, we went to bed. That was around midnight.

Monday arrives aka today…. Isaiah’s off work for tonight—got a vacation day. I love it…I really hope that in January, he’ll just work days, have the evenings with me, but we’ll see!    Work—same old, nothing new to report here. Came home after work. I put laundry in the dryer as some clothes that were washed over the weekend were still damp.  They were finally dried just before 7.      We made chicken Cesar salad for dinner. Yummy!  Dad drops by to give us a rake and shovel so outside looks better in the next few days around our place. We’re     relaxing for the rest of the night.

So there you have it.  The weekend update.  Hope you all had a wonderful weekend too!!! Don’t forget to check out the pics from Saturday and more will be put up in the next few days (i hope to get my film developed sometime this week. We’ll see!). 

Until next time, 




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