Friday’s Sparkles! =)

Ta-ta Loved Ones! =)

I’m back. Yes, time for another fix! Hehe.  So let’s start with Wednesday Work is back to slowness.  After work, I’m at home relaxing.  Later,  Mom comes by to visit for a tiny bit. Wonderful to see her. Of course, I get all three of Isaiah’s calls.  I love hearing from him when he’s away at work. Finally,   I get to bed just after 11 PM. I was too tired out to even try to stay up for Isaiah in getting home from work: P.   Btw, Isaiah was offically back at work this week after being home sick Monday and Tuesday.

A few hours trickle by.  It’s Thursday. Work is same old, same old. Nothing new to report there.  I head home after the day is done at sutton for a tiny bit. Then I walk to the clinic as I had my appt.  Went fine.  Everything is peachy!  After that I grab subway as my dinner and eat away. Then I treked over to Tim Horton’s and got Isaiah’s coffee (as he asked me to bring it to him) and I tried the new apple cinnamon steeped tea (pretty close to actual apple cider.. not quite but still close).  I’m having that everytime i’m at Timmy’s now! Hehe. New drink! YAY!  It’s not very often that I try some thing new.  Everybody knows I don’t drink coffee or actual tea.  I’m always big on coke, iced cappiccinos and of course my alcoholic drinks hehe.  Then I see Isaiah at his work for his lunch break.  As always, wonderful to see him!  After that I walk back in the snowy streets to home to warm up and relax.   I watched CSI.  I also did the stockings in terms of glittering our names on it.  I think i did a good job!  Still productive and energized, i wrapped some xmas presents (Isaiah and Alex). I was still up when Isaiah arrived home from work.  We went to bed just before 1:30 AM.  

Next thing we know, it’s 7:30 AM Friday and we’re up.  We actually left the house together this morning. Isaiah decided to do some overtime before his actual shift.  Me at work.  It was PAY DAY!…Money is always wonderful. I haven’t deposited it yet though.. waiting until tomorrow before we go grocery shopping. Anyway, work was pretty slow, but time still went by fast according to me though.  I get home.  I decide tonite is  “Home” night for me!  I did laundry and wrapped more presents (xmas, birthday, and baby gift) I’m Getting all three of Isaiah’s calls. Well actually, i’ve already gotten two so far. Getting the last one in a little while! 🙂 Of course, the usual relaxing and being online as you know me! Also, I have been preparing xmas card stuff (i.e. mailing list and such) as I’m doing that while I wait in the waiting room as Isaiah gets his dental work done (yeah, that’s my morning project and i’ll bring a magazine to read in case, i finish those early).  Not much else to report of tonite.  Just more relaxation. I will be still up when Isaiah gets home from work.  We’ll probably will go to bed shortly after as I know Isaiah won’t want to stay up much since his dentist appt is in the AM.  So obviously, not much sleep in!  I now give you my beautiful mini thoughts. Hehe.

  • Very excited of tomorrow (Saturday).  Busy during the day and at night. Isaiah has his dentist appt in the am and we’re doing our grocery shopping afterwards. We’ll be home in the afternoon to relax and such. The evening is basically Carol’s night—celebrating her 22nd birthday! It’s going to be so much fun. I get to be with my best friend and Isaiah and tons of other people.  Drink opportunity, and dancing! YAY!  Definitely PICTURES too! I’m going to be so sexy at the Frog!  You’ll have to get more details out of this night in the next blog!
  • Sunday is finally almost here. Celebrating our 4 1/ 2 years together in love.  We’re just having the day to ourselves basically.  We’ll obviously sleep in and enjoy our day together. However, we’re going out for dinner, and we’re watching a movie that we’ll have bought Saturday and just wonderfulness!  Again, more details will be given next time I update!
  • I love the way we are when we are sleeping. We cuddle and just be so close together. So warm and so comfy! 😀  I’m still snuggled up on him when I wake up.. the sweetness moment and give him a morning kiss!

Anyway, that’s your friday nite fix.  Enjoy the weekend.  I’ll probably return to update either Monday or Tuesday nite at the very latest.  Be Jolly !




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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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