Giddy Jules Here!!! =)

Hi Precious Friends!  

Here I am doing an weekend blog.  Some random things to spill before I give my daily intake of life!  I’ve never done this entry when it’s like into the wee hours. It’s like 1:30 AM currently. There were flurries sputtering out of the sky Thursday.  Got an adorable Santa hat. He he, I’ll be so SEXY on Xmas eve and Xmas morning 😉 Major snow Friday!! ACK! The greenness of land is gone. All covered in white! 😛 BLUE stockings!!! It rocks!!!!!  : D Yeah, I’m obsessed with blue. I have it in clothes, my wedding, kitchen, and bathroom… HEHE! Okay. Let’s go back in time with my life!

Thursday as usual has me working during the day. However, I start to decorate the office. After work, I do laundry and relax. I visit Isaiah at his work for his lunch break. Then, I come home to watch CSI, being online, and etc.  I ended up being awake when Isaiah got home from work.  We were up until like almost 2 AM!  Hehe.

Time flies by a few hours. Friday arrives. I’m working during the day and I finish decorating the office in xmas mode as well.  Isaiah got the night off work so he had dinner ready for us when I got home from work and just spending the evening together.  It was sweetness!  Emily visited around 9:00.  We chitchated and stuff until almost midnight.  Thanks Em for coming by!!! Then I went out for drinks with another friend. I was out until 2:30 AM.  Isaiah and I went to bed around 3 AM.

Saturday has us up around 10 AM or so.  We relax for a few hours. Isaiah picks up our tree from his mom’s around 1:30 and he’s back around 2:30 (stuff was in the attic and talking up with his parents). Then, we went to Masonville Mall. While we were there, I got Isaiah’s b-day present part I, xmas decorations & lights for tree, got BLUE stockings for us and the kittens, glitter glue to write our names on the stockings, and subway. We were home just after 6 PM. Once we were home, we  were relaxing for a while watching TV and being online.

We started around 9 PM with putting up our tree tonite and the jazz of decorating our place more. We finished officially at 1 AM. Time really flew by so fast! Our stockings still need to be put up and those colorful shiny garland/greenery whatever around the windows.  We’ll get that done sometime this week! I love how we worked together through this festive decorations so Christmas is definitely going to be so amazing and magical here with our kittens!!!! Note that this is our 1st Xmas LIVING TOGETHER!!!!  That statement alone makes the holiday season even more awesome! Relaxing some more then going to bed around 3 AM. I say this because we still have energy to not want to go bed just yet).

Of course the weekend isn’t done yet.  Weekend won’t be completed until Sunday nite bedtime. But you’ll have to wait for the dibs of sunday and on for a few days. I just want to say, that it’s been a fun weekend so far. I love it!  Have a great Sunday everyone!!!!




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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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2 Responses to Giddy Jules Here!!! =)

  1. Michelle says:

    Julie I love how much you love life. Whenever I read your blogs they make me feel happy about all the little sweet things in life. Have a great Sunday afternoon! Michelle Mair

  2. Micaela says:

    sounds like you\’re all ready for christmas!! i definitely can not say the same! oh well, i have a few more weeks.. I CAN\’T WAITT!!!

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