A Cold Evening… BRRRRRR!!!

Hey Everyone!!!


I’m so not liking this weather which is getting more wintery. We’ve been so lucky to have a really nice fall weather up until now.  Damn sky!  Told that there would be possible flurries overnight and tomorrow nad thru friday.  ACK!  We’re not ready for snow. Not Yet! Damn it.. snow is only magical and very wanted for xmas weekend.. xmas eve and xmas day.  That’s it! No more snow after! Agreed?  I thought so! So you are dying for for a another warm and quick run down of my crazy life? 


Okay dokie…. let’s begin with the rest of the dibs from Sunday night We had dinner at Violet & Scott’s (Isaiah’s parents). Scott made Yummy BBQ chicken. Afterwards, we played cards as usual. Once again, Violet won. We were home about 9 PM.  Relaxed, and watched Cheaper by Dozen. We retreated to sleepyland around midnight.


A few hours go by and then it’s Monday! Me the working babe as usual in the daytime.  Afterwork, i do laundry and dishes.  Dad comes for a quick visit to see the kittens and to fix/adjust the light in the hallway (all better now!) Of course, I make the trek to visit Isaiah at his work for his lunch break. As always, so wonderful to see him! I relaxed for the rest of the nite.  Tiredness got to me around 11 PM so i crashed to bed.

Tuesday rolls around.  Same old during the day.. just work!  In the evening, I just was just home all nite.  I did the dishes chore and just relaxed. Watched GG at 10. Love that show!  Of course, I get all of Isaiah’s work break calls! 🙂 Love to hear his voice on the phone!  Tried to stay up to see Isaiah when he got home, but no, I ended up wanting sleep 1/2 hour before he’s home! :P.

Finally.. Today or in other words, Wednesday!!! Nothing new at work. Just busy and good. Thought, the office in general is still slow. Possible chance it could even be dead around xmas time which means i would have a better guarantee of time off after xmas weekend (of course i’m home that weekend too!). Anyway… I go home and clean after work and relax.  Marky was late coming but he still visited for like 20 mins. Better than no time at all right? Hehe. The kittens adore him.. especially Husky. I took one pic of Mark with Husky! Thanks for coming, Mark. *HUGS* Currently, I’m just waiting for Isaiah’s last break call. Should ring any minute now! I got his first two break calls. Love it!


Anyway… that should warm up your nite for the time being….. let’s all wish for warmer weather. I know we are doubtful of summer weather, but at least hey, spring-like would do! Just until xmas! Alright.  Sleep well, people. More updates later on this week!






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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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