Weekend Joy! =)

Hi Hearty People!!!

Here I am once again. Hope you guys are enjoying the weekend so far. Gee, it always goes by faster every time! Ah well, as long it’s fun, and memorable, it’s all worth it! Right, people? Alright, time for an update!

Friday is me being the office gal during the day. Oh yes, pay day.. MMMMM.. money!! Hehe! I later see Isaiah for his lunch break at work. So wonderful to see him. I found out Isaiah won Knights game tickets for Dec 17th! YAY!! More hockey to watch/see! : D. This would be my 3rd time seeing the Knightsduring this hockey season! I relaxed for the rest of the evening.  Pretty much went to bed after Isaiah got home from work.  

Saturday sweeps in.  Slept in until 10 AM.  Then we had our kittens’ trip to the vet for 11AM to have their 2nd booster shots.  It went very well. I was very pleased that both Husky and Sherlock were good kittens! We made another appt for Dec 17 for their 3rd booster shots.  Currently, the kittens both weigh 4 pounds and are at 2 ½ months.  We figure that we’ll get them neutered and declawed around January or so. In other words, basically after xmas.  We took them home after their vet appt.  Since it was time to do grocery shopping as it only happens every other weekend (2 week period). 

After dropping the food at our place and putting away, we then made the trip to the mall.  I did some shopping of xmas wrapping stuff & gift bags, two comfy pants-gray and red) & got pics developed.  After that, we picked up Alan at his place. 

We wanted to check out tuxedos with Alan. So we went to Moore’s.  The only have a navy one that we like but it’s not quite the tux we want. We’ll have to see. We tried to check out Bob Gowen at the mall but turns out that it’s not there anymore. So we were done for the day. We’ll have to research where other tux places are and make another afternoon at looking at them.  Then we went to  Kelsey’s with Alan for dinner.  Yummy food! Afterwards, we dropped off Alan at his place. 

On our way home, we stopped by the pet store to get another dish for the kittens but as their water dish (instead of two small dishes). While we were there, we saw this adorable kitten that was for sale but of course we already have two. Two is enough!  We really felt sorry for this kitten because it seemed like he was the last one out of the batch that was there when we bought Husky and Sherlock a month ago (Oct 3rd). Our last stop before home was also  A & P for the stuff that we didn’t find at our regular grocery store.

Finally, we were home (this was just around 7:30 PM). We just relaxed and cuddled in our bed, watching movies and eventually going to sleep at around 2 AM. 

It’s Sunday aka today. We wake up just after 10 AM. Nice sleep. As I wake, the kittens come up on our bed, giving me morning kisses. hehe. So cute! They’re like i miss my mommy! Hehe. We are great parents to the kittens and and they love our attention when they crave to do so which is a lot on the weekends when we’re here at home together. 

Shortly after waking up and all, I did laundry. Of course breakfast and such.  We just ate hamburgers for lunch. Kudos to my sexiest chef!  😉 We’re just relaxing for the rest of the afternoon.  We’re although going to his parents house for dinner and probably some cards for 5:30.  I imagine we’d probably be home around 9:00 and enjoy our time together before sleep.

So there you have it.  The wonderful weekend dibs! I can’t believe it. Mid november just as here, and ahhhhh…. two more weeks… 4 1/2 years and soooonnn… xmas!!!!  I just know it… 2005 will close beautifully with many many amazing memories, and all! =) Enjoy your sunday, people! Btw, new pics were uploaded last nite. Go have a look. Half are our babies, and half of people!





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