A Walk Through The Galaxy! =)

Hi Guys!
Hehe, all spacey talk.  As you all know, the universe is my life in the galaxy. It orbits around the sun (yes, summer!), love, Isaiah, family, friends, work, and more.  I love how life has created so far in the direction of milky way.  It’s beautiful. Everything get more precious as pearls as each moment passes by.  So I bet you guys are dying for a space walk in the last few days.  Let’s travel back to the light years. Hehe. Don’t you worry.  It’s only tracks back to Tuesday.  Such excitement.

Tuesday comes acalling. I  work all day as usual from 9-5 PM. I am feeling more and more important everyday at Sutton. I got new green signature folder. My own colour. Too bad blue was already taken. Oh well!  I still love my job! Being full time is just wonderful. I wonder if I still can take some time off sometime during Xmas. I’m sure I can.  I just have to see how busy the office is in December.  Things are still slow. Definitely different from earlier this year.. madness crazy but now it’s like not quite standstill, but still slow! The day had me having an  “Home” night. It included —chores of putting away laundry, doing dishes, watching some TV, and just relaxing. Of course, I have some online time too: P You all know me too well. Haha. I did put up some Xmas stuff around our place. There will be no putting up the tree and decorating it until Dec 1st. Always been our rule since 2003.  I can’t wait to hang our stockings on the TV stand. Just need clippings.  That’s about all excitement from that nite.


Wednesday shows me at work from 9 AM-12 PM. Then i went to  lunch with mom. After that, we picked up Isaiah. So we trotted off to see the catering People  for 1 PM. Dad met us trio there. It went very well.  We’ve officially decided on food, flowers, and decorations, and things like that.  We’re going to shop around for cakes soon.  We think that we’ll meet up with the catering people again in February to finalize more stuff.  Can’t wait! Isaiah and I got Home around 3 PM. Then, I walked Isaiah to his work. Afterwards, I did some shopping at Mariposa (Galleria Mall). Got two new tops. I love it. Black and lacey. **Winks** Of course, when I was home for the rest of the nite. I did the usual of doing dishes, and relaxing.  Also, I went back to Isaiah’s work to see him for his lunch. So wonderful! =)

A few hours later, it’s Thursday aka today. I’m back to the normal full day at the office. I get home just after 5:15.  Just a lot of relaxing.  I did laundry, dishes, and some cleaning. A bit of TV time–CSI.  Got all of Isaiah’s calls tonite. Can’t wait for him to be home in a couple hours.  I am so much looking forward to sleeping in with him on Saturday and Sunday. Hehe!   


Ø      Being in Xmas mood. I can’t wait to wake up Xmas morning with Isaiah and celebrate the joy and happiness of it along with presents and having our kittens go crazy with the wrapping paper&st=1">wrapping paper. He he 🙂 In 2002, he had our stockings inscribed of our names in glitter. It’s still there! So cute!  

So that’s all the juices that you are being given at this time.  Hope you are enjoying the week so far.  We have a busy weekend ahead of us.  So yeah, lots of dibs to look forward to, probably Sunday nite or Monday at the latest.  Always be yourself–that’s the most beautiful thing you can do. Everything about all of us is what brings us to be sexy even the flaws that are inscribed within our persona.


Much Love,






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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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1 Response to A Walk Through The Galaxy! =)

  1. Micaela says:

    Hey!!!! Sounds like you had a fun week. Can\’t wait to see you sometime at the bars wearing your new lacy shirts, Jacks tonight if you are interested!! I think Carol is is coming!! :)Mic.

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