Monday’s Precious Moments!

Hi Wonderful Loves! 

Hope you enjoyed your weekend! I did! Of course, it goes by way too fast.  Damn it!  Can’t wait for the weekend again! Haha! Okay dokie, here we go with the dibs!

Saturday saw us being relaxed during the morning. I watched my shows of Clean Sweep and Trading Spaces.  I did laundry.  Isaiah went out with Scott for lunch and just to hang out whereas I went to white oaks area… So I was out with my car and my beloved debit card. I bought this funky cute blue towels (yeah, I’m super nuts about the bathroom & the blue colours!!!) I also bought Rick & CJ’s baby gift from ToysRUs.  . I also bought this cute wish bowl/cup thing and filled it with silver/clear thingies. So beautiful!  Then on the way home, LCBO. Stocked up on my booze. Haha.  Isaiah will be nuts on me on that: P.  Later, Isaiah, summers and me went to see 40-Year-Old Virgin at Rainbow. It was an okay movie.  Home just after 9:30.  Watched a movie, and then fell asleep. Really tired Jules!

Sunday’s awaking was 10:30 AM. I watched my show of While You Were Out. Then we went to Mom’s for 1:00.  Then we shortly went out to Kelsey’s for lunch. Nice place of a change for a meal. Haha. Then we picked up Jill’s dress.  Then we went back to Mom’s… Isaiah played on his XBOX (he brought it over) and I helped mom sort out some stuff, and I took home my x-mas stuff, and other things.  We got home 5:00.  Nice 4 hours out.We relaxed for the rest of the night.

A few hours later, its Monday aka today.  As you all know as usual, I’m at work during the day.  I later visited Isaiah for lunch at his work. I can’t wait to see him later on tonite when he gets home from work. Since then, I’ve just relaxed, cleaned, laundry and freshened up.  I’m about to get Isaiah’s last break call soon! I love hearing his voice!! *swoons*


I now give you total cool randomness:

Ø      I’ve enjoyed the Lexus for the last 4 days. I’m going to miss driving for a while. Maybe I’ll be lucky to have it back later this month –last weekend of November or even around Xmas time.  We’ll see. Around Xmas time seems to be more promising but who knows!

Ø      It’s been a month that we have been parents to our kittens.  So awesome! They still do entertain us. They were doing funny stuff&st=1">funny stuff yesterday! Haha

Ø      20 days until our 4½ anniversary. So excited! . Dinner and movie is being planned for the Sunday the 27th! 🙂


Okay, enuff juices for now.  More to come later this week.  Enjoy your nite! =) Be cool and smile lots!



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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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