November Hugs! =)

Howdy Peeps! The weekend is here.. Whoppie YAY! Hehe. I adore the weekends, and i bet all of you do too!!! 😉 Anyway, shall we get to my exciting life? Okay dokie!  You got it! Our memory lane goes all the way back to Tuesday.  

Tuesday had me at work as usual.  At some point,  Uncle Jules and Aunt Wanita stopped by the office to see Dad and me. Nice! 🙂  Later when I was home from work,    Carol came by to have a short visit and show me pictures.  That was real nice!  I just then relaxed for the rest of the nite.   

Wednesday rolls around. Of course, i’m still the working babe during the day.  Mom visited at lunch.  In the evening, I went to visit  Isaiah at his work for his lunch break 🙂 I love those visits and plus, i get a bit of exercise in walking 😉

Thursday knocks on us.  Dad came around 9 AM, and then he drove me, Alex, Dylan, and his gf, Sarah to this superstore location.  The gang was going to Chicago for Alex’s hockey tournament. Alex’s team and the families of the teammates were going on the greyhound bus to get there. Of course I wasn’t going, but I was allowed to have the car.  So I drove to work afterwards.  I was at work from 10 to 3.  After work, i had my family doc appt.  Went by fine.  Then I went to masonville to see Terry to pick up my new glasses. I adore them.. Blue and all 🙂 I later visited Carol. I picked her up and we went to Chapters. We were together for about almost 2 hours.  Nice time! 🙂 After I dropped Carol off, I went to visit my mom for a bit. I was there for almost an hour to chat and see Niko and Shadow.  I drove home after.  Relaxed until I went to bed.

A few hours later,  it’s Friday aka today.  Of course, i’m at work as usual during the day.  I later went to White Oaks with Carol for about an hour.  fun stuff.  I came home after.  Cleaned up our room with laundry mess and stuff.  I’m just relaxing for the next little while. Expecting Isaiah’s call soon.  I’m going to pick him up (yeah I still have the car!!) at his work when he’s done at 12:45 AM, and come home.  We’ll probably stay up to watch a movie and then go to sleep. 

 Oh yeah, a bit of wedding update.. So far…. Diane and Ashley have picked up their bridesmaid dresses. 3 more girls left to go get theirs.  Isaiah, me, and my mom are seeing the catering peole next wednesday afternoon. Should be fun. Okay dokie.  Next blog will probably be after the weekend.. Mon or Tues.  Be Jolly! 





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