Happy Halloween!!! =)

 Hey Guys!

Happy Halloween!!!! Hope you guys are being spooky funny! Hehe!  We’re not giving out candy this year.. No kids on our street.  We didn’t carve any pumpkins this year either. But last week, I bought this cute sparkling orange battery run pumpkin. It’s lit now as I type! Hehe .Time to do do a memory lane of my weekend! So here we go!

Saturday was a lot of fun!!!  Alan makes an unexpected visit. It was really nice to see him. Husky likes him… curled up on his lap! He he.  Really, Husky seems to be the “people-friendly” kitten.  It’s cute.  I took pics of Alan with Husky, me with Alan, and Isaiah with Alan.  YAY!  After Alan left, we just relaxed for the afternoon.  We finally went to church.. but not our church (St. Peter’s). We ended up going to my parent’s church (St. Mike’s–where we will be wed in May).  Oppsie Daisy, the last time we went to mass in general was the end of the summer (late August).  We’re gonna try to go more often before the year’s up.  After church, we went to Masonville Mall. I got pics from the last roll (which was finished last week) The current roll is about half way done. Wow, i’m so much photoholic this year! Hehe. Of course, I did shopping! I bought another dress shirt for Isaiah, and two in one photo frames for me.  Isaiah bought more XMAS presents.  Just a general thing, he bought me the new DVD of Titanic with over 3 hours of special features!! YAY! He knew I wanted it, and was hinting about it for a while now!  After the mall, we went Jack Astor’s afterwards for dinner. Fabulous waitress, and food was great.   After that, we went to see the movie,  SAW II at Huron. Great movie. Loved it! Before heading home, we stopped by Blockbuster. We bought Cheaper by Dozen, and Star trip Troopers II. We then came home, watched some of the TITANIC movie. Ever since it came out, .I adored the movie, and I still do. Leo still looks hot in there 😉 After that, sleepyland!


Sunday had us going  grocery shopping in the AM.  We got back around noon. Then we later went to  Alan’s place—poker fun (the guys played while I was up in Alan’s room on his computer) 😛 There from 2-5. Alan’s kitten, Kaos has grown so big now. Hehe. Kaos was bought last summer (2004). So she’s over a year old! After we left Alan’s, we went to    Isaiah’s parents house for dinner and cards.  Violet won. We were home after 8:30.  Relaxed for a while. Then we watched Guess Who (the one with that guy from 70’s show).  Went to bed afterwards.

Today’s Monday.. Halloween!  Of course, I’m at work all day.  Mom vists during lunch for a little bit.  I might be able to have the car for a few days this weekend (possibly Thursday to Sunday!!). We’ll see! I would so love that! 🙂 After work, I went to get my new bus pass for November and got subway. I went home for about an hour to eat, and check on the kittens.  Then I went to visit Isaiah at his lunch break (work). It was wonderful to see him. I can’t wait to have him home in a few hours.  Make 1 AM come now. LOL!  hehe.  I’m just relaxing for the rest of the nite. There will be more updates later this week.  Enjoy the rest of your spooky evening!

Love ya, 


p.s the new pics are up in the albums.  Challenge you to find the new ones!


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2 Responses to Happy Halloween!!! =)

  1. Micaela says:

    Hey Julie!!! Sounds like you had a great weekend. I\’ve been wanting to see Titanic again really badly lately for some reason!!! Happy Halloween!Mic.

  2. Chris says:

    Hey Stranger,good to hear your doing well, I have decided to grace your blog with my fabulous presence…no need to thank me, I\’ll haunt you in your dreams, if you get that dream where you\’re naked at work, it\’ll be my fault…peace, love, and I\’m so sexy it hurts not only me…but those around me,-C

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