Thank God It’s Friday!!!! :D

Hi Peeps!

Well, well.. .the weekend is finally here.. YAY!!!!! Super happy Jules here!!! No wonder.. Haha!  So shall we hop into time machine? How far back in time? Only to Wednesday.. Yeah.. .two days ago! opps, not that long. Oh who cares! *smiles*

Wednesday logs me into work during the day.  Yes, the business adminstrative that Jules is! After work, I went to mom’s house. Hung around for about an hour or so, then we went to the bank, and to masonville mall. The trip to the mall was to see Terry about new glasses.  yes, people.. The ones i’ve been sporting forever are 10 years old.  Obviously, i’m so so OVERDUE for new ones! Current styles are rectanglar.  My mom has those current ones too. Anyway, i was secretly hopin to have BLUE!!!     Guess What? I got my wish! Blue frames!!! They do look good on me.  I get them next week when the lenses are of my prescription 🙂 I had to have blue, and I tried on other kinds/colors, and I still preferred blue, and they did look good on me 🙂 So yes, i will sport new blue glasses fairly soon.  Yeah, I’ll have pictures taken as soon as I pick them up :). They’re ready in a few days!

Thursday had me of course, the working woman&st=1">working woman once again… day time hours!  After work, I was back at mom’s again.  Then, we went to Tammy’s baby shower. It was held at one of the agent’s houses. It started at 7… Loads of fun!!!! Shower ended around 10 PM.  Got home almost 10:30.  I got a couple pics taken with Tammy 🙂 Should turn out good.  I was also the photographer with her camera of the gifts that she got! 

A few hours later, its Friday aka today. What’s exciting about today?   Work—PAY DAY!!! Got some more training from Kathy on more executive admin. Stuff. Yay! After work, I went to the bank to deposit my paycheck, pay visa bill, and got some cash for the nov bus pass which I’ll get on Monday. Next stop was some personal care products… enuff said. haha. Went home. I was here long enough to start on laundry, have dinner, and relax a bit.   Then, I went to visit Isaiah at work.  So, so nice to see him. I bought this crystal glass thing of two dolphins together. Beautiful!! Anyway, i’ve got the kittens with me, and their paws are on my hands as I type.  I guess they like the computer as I do. Weirdness! hehe.  Soon to be getting Isaiah’s call. I can’t wait to hear from him.  He’ll be home at 1 AM, and then we’ll probably watch a movie before sleepyland.  Sounds great. *wink* hehe.  So until he’s home, i’ll be just relaxing  doing my nails, TV, online, and etc. 


Well that’s enuff trails of thoughts for now. So enjoy  your weekend people… next entry will probably be Sunday or Monday or Tuesday. We’ll see!

Night All!!


p.s Here’s some randomness: On Tuesday nite, Isaiah made a surprise visit to see me here at home on his lunch break from work. AWWWWW!!! I love and love my soon to be husband so much!! Whoo-hoo! Kisses!!! He he!  =)


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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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