A Brrrr Tuesday!!!

Hi Beautiful Friends!


How’s  your nite going?  Man, we’re so into a chilly fall now… ACK! Let me tell you fall and winter don’t do sexy for me.  You all know I’m the summergoddess. I’m in love with the sun, beach, and all that jazz! Besides, the season rocks for me with my birthday. I usually get more driving time, and trips! 

Anyway, to the daily stuff. Trotting back to Saturday.   It was a very relaxing day for us.  But we weren’t home much during the day hehe.  We ended up doing tons of shopping in the south end.. White Oaks area.  So yes, the mall, TOYSRUS, blockbuster. We windowshopped/looked around Futureshop and The Brick.  I bought Tammy’s baby shower gift (shower’s on Thursday),  work shirts for Isaiah (dress shirt and a plain top), red sweater for me, and kitchen/bathroom stuff (garbage bags and toilet bowl cleaner).   Oh yeah, we also stopped by the grocery store to get a few things (our regular groceries thingy is this coming weekend). We got home after 7. We ended up watching The Interpreter later on.  I fell asleep halfway through the movie…. soo tired! heeh.


A few hours later, it’s Sunday… it was actually a "home" day for us… housework and relaxing.  We later went to my mom’s for dinner along with Dylan and Sarah. Dad was away at a business conference.  But of course, Alex was home.  After supper, we played "Joker" with Alex and Mom.  Fun game! It was one of the all time favorite games when Dylan and I were younger. We used to play it all the time.   Hopefully, it’s played more often now that Alex knows it (he’s been playing it at school during recess with his friends).  We were dropped off around 9:00.  We started to watch a Stephen King movie an hour later of being home.  Once again, fell asleep halfway through but this time, Isaiah joins me in my sleep. Hehe. 


Monday had me back at work as usual.  I visited Isaiah on his lunch break that nite.  I also just did dishes and relaxed.  I updated my "actual" photo albums. It hadn’t been done since April. so yeah,  5 months of pics were added. My goodness!


Today’s Tuesday.  I was at work. Boy, busy busy!  I worked like super CRAZy until 5:00.  I’m so tired! Hehe.  Kathy ended up giving me a ride home since she was going by my house anyway.  I’m just relaxing, doing housework (dishes, laundry, and etc). I hope I’m not getting the sniffles again.  Seriously, cold weather does this to me, but i’ve been lucky not to be sick majorly for the last three years or so.  So hopefully, luck continues to stay with me, and i’ll be healthy as ever all through fall & winter.  *crosses fingers*


I’m excited. I’m finally getting new glasses.  The one i’ve been wearing  is 10 years old. Yes, that old (since I was 12).  I so do have enough coverage to get new ones!  So i’m going tomorrow night  (Wednesday) with my mom to see Terry at the mall (he does glasses and has been the one who I’ve been getting my eye contacts from). Of course, it’ll be about a week before I actually have them and wear them . Time needed to put my prescription in. Hey, i don’t have to see the eye doctor because I went last year for my contacts prescription and my two year isn’t up yet, not until next year, 2006).  Lets hope my new frames will be blue..(of course like dark/navy blue) that would rock awesome! Anyway, that’s your update… Enjoy the rest of your week.  Next blog will probably be on the weekend.  Don’t get all ansy! Hehe.  Meow! Stay snuggled up!






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