A Saturday Treat!!! =)

Hi Precious People!


How you guys doin’?  I hope good!  So you called for an update? mmm, kay! Then, let’s roll with Tuesday…  I was at work as usual during the day.  Later, i went to dinner with a friend at Crabby Joe’s. Great place, great food!  We were there from 7 until 10.  Haha, dinner only lasted about an hour and the rest was just lots and lots of chit-chat! haha.

Wednesday had me working once again.  Later, i went to the galleria mall and checked out bargain shop store. Got one of those cute lightening orange pumpkins (tis so adorable!) and a photo albums that is simply all kittens. Yes, the kitty pics! You gotta start somewhere with the memories eh?  Afterwards, I visited Isaiah for his lunch. So nice.  Of course, i also did the usual stuff here like laundry, dishes, and the like. 

Thursday appears and i’m obviously the working babe again.  Carol calls after work when I made a trip to the bank to pay the union gas bill. She comes over just before 7.. Yay, thanks babe!  It was wonderful to see her!.  Hung out here, then went to Tangra (cute little bar) and some food place. What was that name again, Carol?  Those wraps were yummy.  Carol dropped me off after that back here. Oh yeah, pictures of her and hte kittens  and i tried to take two of us together (we’ll see how that turns out!).  I relaxed after until i was tired enough to want to go to bed. 

Friday arrives and of course… i’m at sutton all day.  I went to see Isaiah for his lunch break that nite.  Oh yes, before i left, the power went out on our street… nothing was working for over an hour. The hydro people had arrived as I was just walking to see Isaiah at his work.  I was worried aobut the kittens, but of course, when i got back.. Power was back on! YAY! But stupid power messed with my computer.  My computer is fixed mostly when Isaiah got home and looked at it.  But seriously people, i want to replace this with a mac laptop!!

But anyway… It’s Saturday… plans include the gym, and church.  Other than that, i think we’re just gonna have our time together here at home relax and the like ;).  I’m gonna go now.. Hope you guys enjoy your weekend.  More updates in a few days!!!  Be groovy!






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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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