Today’s Cup Of Coffee! =)

Hi Precious Jewels! =)
Hope the start of your week is good so far!!!  Mine’s good.  Hope the weekend treated you peachy too! It was just more than peachy wonderful!!! Just very swoon! haha!  I bet you guys want those weekend dibs now eh? Okay! You got your wish!  Ms. Genie… oh.. just randomness.. i have the kittens sitting on my lap as i do this blog… adorable eh?  Indeed… i love those babies so much! Hehe. Have you guys checked out the new kitty pics lately?? Go look if you haven’t.. Under pets album! Here we go with those weekend highlights!!

The rest of Saturday had us being out with Rick for 12:30 AM. We went to the Honest Lawyer for drinks & food to celebrate Rick’s new job at TD.. well he doesn’t start yet, not for another three weeks or so, but he just found out so he wanted to share his happiness.  It was all fun!  We got home around 2:15 AM or so since we got dropped off by Rick.  We went to bed shortly after.. probably around 3 AM.  hehe.

Sunday rolls around.  Super "home" day.  We lounged around all day with watching movies, tv, and i napped for like 3 hrs. Hehe.  We later had dinner with Isaiah’s parents.  Played game of cards after.  We got home just after 8:30.  Mom and Dylan popped in for a few minutes to say hi and see the kittens again. Hehe. Isaiah went out with his best friend, Scott for about 3 hrs. Came home 12:30.  We went to bed around 1 AM.

Today’s Monday.  I was back at work. It was busy but good though!  Tonite is just“home” night for me. just mainly of dishes, laundry, playing with the kittens, TV, and etc.  Going to watch CSI soon.. yuppers. I am addicted to that show! Haha.  I’m also getting all three of Isaiah’s break calls.  I already got the first one. Will be getting the 2nd one soon.  I adore his phone calls. His voice just dreamly of love! *swoon* I miss him!  Ah well, I’ll see him at 1 AM when he’s home from work! Yuppers


So peeps, that’s your weekend dibs, and of today. Hehe. So I’ll update later this week.  You guys have a good evening. And let’s all wish for rain to go away, and have a clear  dry night!  hehe. I’m such a good parent! The kittens are now NAPPING on my lap… awww… purring and eyes closed…. i love those good boys!  Nighty nite!






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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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