A Busy week!

Hi Guys… Sorry for the delay.. been a busy week!!!  So i’m just gonna get right to it…  I know I updated Monday, but I want to give what happened later on. So Monday night,  I visited Isaiah at work for his lunch. Very nice.  Then I just relaxed at home with the kittens until i went to bed.  Tuesday had me just at work as usual again.   I later went to see the movie "Red Eye" at Rainbow with a friend. It was a good movie, but not what i totally expected out of it. Ah well, i’m still happy i saw it.  I had been dying to see it for a while. 

Wednesday was just work… Mom came to visit.. we called the catering people on my lunch.. booked an another appt with them for November 9 1 PM to talk about flowers and cake.  So that should be interesting!  Other than that I was just home, doing daily cleaning and etc. I also napped big time. HUGE Sleep from 8 PM until 11.  Then woke up for Isaiah’s last break call and went back to sleep for the night.

Thursday rolls around. I’m at work again during the day. I also visited Isaiah at work for his lunch again. I like making the treks out there.. give me some air and exercise a bit. 🙂 

 Yesterday,  it was pay day at work.  It was also a little slow. Kathy’s starting to train me more into some of her functions at work, which kinda brings me up a little higher in the office as an adminstrative (more like executive, a little bit). So i’m liking that.   I got a surprise at end of my shift. Isaiah showed up with the car. I had gone to work thinking that Isaiah had to work that day which he normally does, but he called in sick.  So we ended up going grocery shopping (that was hopefully palnned for saturday/sunday but we got it done earlier). We got Subway on the way home.  Then I had plans with Sarah to visit here, but she didn’t show up so we just had our evening together at home. Watched two movies and a couple shows of CSI before going to bed.  It was a really nice friday for a change, just us being together!


Today aka Saturday is here.  We had a huge sleep in.. We woke up at 11 AM. Super nice.  I love those LONG sleep ins!  I got my haircut which was booked for 1:45 PM.  So I went… just trimmed it and added a little more layers. I love how my hair so much healthier.. remember guys, earlier this year.. my hair hugely long and jsut so DRY! Ugh.   So I was talking with my hairdresser, and I really want to go back bold blond again, so i’m getting some highlights done just before xmas.. I haven’t booked the appt yet, but I will probably, late November as my hairdresser says Dec books up really fast for him.  So i’m excited that I’m getting highlights again 🙂  I’m also growing my hair longer for the wedding, just not too longer. just past the shoulders and before my boobs obviously. So love it! 

Anyway, I went home after the cut and then had about an hour or so to relax before Emily arrived. She came around 3:30.. visited with us until 5. Her fiance Graham picked her up.  I adored the visit, and we talked about wedding and stuff.   I got pictures taken with her so yay!  She said she probably be back in town in November so yeah, definitely another visit is going to be in the plans! The kittens loved emily, especially husky.. napped on her. Haha! 🙂 

After Emily left, then we were debating about church.. decided to go tomrorow instead. so we went to masonville (this part was already planned for today, and it was happening no matter what). So we went and got the kitten pics developed (which are already up in the "pets" album!). Turned out great! I also got two fall/winter tops (sweaters i guess  you could call it) and some new socks and bath bubbles! Hehe.  Isaiah started on his xmas shopping, and new socks for himself too!  Anyway, we came home after the mall..  ordered swiss chalet.. yummy!!! 🙂  We got an email from Rick asking if we wanted to meet up with him after he done work which is around 12:30 AM to go for some drinks so we’re going to do that. But it’s a couple hours away so we’re gonna relax until then.. After the drinks thing then, we’re coming home and probably going to bed.


Hope you all are having a great weekend. Oh yeah, Isaiah got a new toy for the kittens. They love it already hehe! Money worth spent! 🙂 So yeah, i’ll update probably Tuesday or wednesday.   Keep on smiling!!






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