Thanksgiving Juices! =)

Hi Guys!

Hope you guys are enjoying the incredibly cold long holiday weekend of Thanksgiving.  Hope you guys were able to celebrate with friends and family, and of course your love! Hehe.  But let’s sweep back to thursday.  Just cuz, this to see how Jules’s life going! Haha!


On Thursday,  I was at work as usual. I relaxed at home.  I also visited Isaiah at work for his lunch break. It was nice.   Those times are precious now that he works evenings when i’m home here with the kittens.


Friday had me at work again.  I got some flowers from one of the agents.  Real nice.  All the girls on the staff got it.  Plans with Christine were taken a raincheck (not by me, by her).  I find out from Isaiah, that one of our friends is crashing here for the night, when Isaiah gets home from work  (which was shortly after 1 AM).  It was weird but interesting.  All this time that Isaiah and I ‘ve been living together, we’ve never had a guest here overnight until that night.  So the three of us stayed up for lil over an hour talking and etc then  Isaiah and I retreated to our bedroom, and our guest crashed on the couch.


Saturday rolls around.  Isaiah went out with the guys for the day until 4 PM.  I was just home cleaning, and spending time with  the kittens.  Isaiah and I finished our whole roll of pictures of the kittens.  We can’t wait to get them developed. Probably next weekend for sure!  We later went to the JLC to watch the knights play against Ottawa for a 7 PM game.   The knights won.  It seems that everytime Isaiah and I watch the team play, they win. We’ve never been to a game where they’ve lost. So i guess call it pure luck. The score was 7 to 4!! 🙂   We got home after, and then we ordered pizza with some other extra stuff ie. salad, and bread.  Yummy. Watched a movie, and then went to bed.


A few hours later, it’s Sunday…. we got our ultimate dream dinner where both sets of parents are present along with Alex, Dylan and his gf, Sarah.  So the dinner was at my parents. Wonderful night!  I got to see Shadow. OMG, that kitty has grown so much in the last month. He is extremely bigger now.  Isaiah took a picture of me with the cat! My goodness.  We also revised our guest list, and right now, it’s 158 so far.  We talked about cakes, nad etc.   We have to reunite with the catering people soon for flowers, cakes and etc.  We played poker with my parents, and Alex.  Not so my game.  But whatever.   We got home shortly after 11 PM.  We watched a bit of Paycheck and then went to bed.


Today’s Thanksgiving Monday.  So I’m off work. So nice!  Isaiah’s home until about 3:30 then he has to go to work.  Wish he was able to have the WHOLE day off, but oh well.   I’m planning on seeing him for his lunch break tonite though so it’ll help pass the evening by so that should be good.  Carol might come for a visit today too, but we’ll see.  I’d really love to see her! I miss her!


Anyway, that’s about all that’s new and exciting of this weekend.  I hope you guys have a good week this week.   Be good, be safe and buddle up (brr… fall weather!)






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