A Precious Night!!! =)

Hi Precious Ones!

How’s your midweek so far? Hope wonderful!  Well, i know, only two days but hey, i’m in the mood, and remembering so it is sweetness! Shall we start with Tuesday?  I was at work.  Work’s picking up more.. getting busier again. The way it was in the summer (well sorta).  After work, I came home for a bit. Then I went out to the mall… I got clothes for Isaiah, flu stuff (Isaiah’s been coming down with sore throat and almost a running nose! It sucks!), got pics developed. They’re uploaded in my pic album, so go look!  I’ve organized albums, so you’ll have to look all for new ones if you can be smart to recognize! Challenge eh?  More sexy undies for me ;). Haha! Sorry, TMI!  I got home around 8:00.  Got Isaiah’s last two calls from work.  I retired to bed around 11 PM. Very very tired.  I wake up at 1 AM to Isaiah coming home! Hehe.  We talked for about 1/2 hour before going back to sleep! 😉 

Wednesday rolls around aka today.  Again, I was the working babe during the day. Bah.  Mom visits though! 🙂  Came home after my shift ended for a little while.  Then I went to Isaiah’s work to visit him on his lunch break.  It was great.  I had good news at the end of it.  Isaiah found out tonite, that our honeymoon week has been approved to take off work for him so that’s just so wonderful! Hehe.  I was walking home in big smiles!  Of course, wedding day has already been booked! 🙂  Now, i’m just relaxing, and thinking i’ll retreat to bed around 11 PM like I did last nite.  I’ve walked a lot today at work and around downtown tonight (I made another trip to the bank after work too!). 

You want actual randomness? Okay! You got it! Sherlock drinks Isaiah’s coffee Monday.  Silly kitty!  Husky meows constantly and needs so much attention to be calmed down. He misses Isaiah.  Maybe seeing Christine Friday night. Pray that she doesn’t have to work that night! I haven’t seen her since June!      November is coming up soon… Can’t wait for our 4-½ anniversary! I’m hoping Isaiah’ll be able to get the Friday of that anniversary weekend off (last weekend of Nov) because I really want us to be able to go to the LSTREB’s XMAS party!!

Anyway, that’s about all that’s exciting right now.  Have a wonderful night, precious ones!





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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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