Incredible Kittens!!! =)

Hi People!

Time for the kitty update and such.  So get ready!  On Saturday, we picked up our kittens. The grey tabby is named "Sherlock. He’s Shadow’s look-alike. Yeah he’s got some of his personality! The black and white tabby is "Husky".  He’s the one that Isaiah really liked at the store.  We took tons of pictures that day and Sunday! Lots of funny, adorable moments of them!! We showed off our new family to my parents, my brothers, Carol and isaiah’s mom.  We were home all night so that we could get the kittens get used to their new home and especially their new bedroom.  So adorable!! We took tons of pictures that night and Sunday.  We found Husky hiding in one of Isaiah’s bottom dresser drawers. Gosh. Funny kitty.  We took those bottom drawers out so that it wouldn’t happen again. Oh yeah, happy to report the kittens are using their kitty litter box. Great parenting eh?

On Sunday, we took more kitty pictures, and of course more pics of them.  We went to an 2 PM game of London Knights playing vs. Greyhounds. We won, baby! Lol 6-2!!!  The goalie had come back in time from Rochester, so I heard.  Later, we went out to celebrate Rick’s birthday. We got to check out Rick and CJ’s new place, then off to Jack Astor’s for dinner.  After dinner, we went bowling.  Of course, the night didn’t just consist the four of us, it also included Rick’s friend too.   We got home around 11 PM very tired.


Today (Monday).. Back at work as usual. Little busier than last week so that’s good. Time flew faster!  *smiles*   Isaiah started his new shift today.  Yup, 4 PM to 12:45 AM. Sucky shift, but I didn’t want him to trade for the overnight shift which I don’t remember what the the times the shift was  but he wouldn’t be home long enough for me to be with him before I went to work so we decided he stay with the shift he was given which i just said, 4 PM to 12:45 AM.  He’d be home 1 AM and we’d have plenty of time to sleep together, before I  get up to go to work.  Granted, no time together in the evenings, much. I can visit him at work on his lunch breaks. I didn’t go tonight obviously, first night, you find out your breaks. So I’ve been home & getting his calls.  I will go probably on Wednesday night to visit ,and maybe either Thursday or Friday night.  We do have the weekends together though so that’s just perfect and lots of attention towards the kittens too!  Oh yeah, I found Sherlock  hiding in the green laundry bag this morning. How did he get in there? Silly kitties.


Anyway, good enough of the weekend news. So you’ll get more hearty news later on the week.  Get some cuddles and love out to those you love, and be thankful for everything you have.  Hint, thanksgiving is this coming weekend!








p.s. the kittens are in here, sleeping together, on the floor (well actually on top of books that are stacked just next to the computer).. too adorable!



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