A Exciting Week! =)

Hi People! 

How did September treat you? It treated us very well!!! A lot better than we expected despite the coolness of the weather that has sprung on us. Blaah! I bet you all are wondering what is exciting and new this week? Hmm? LOL! I’ll get to that now! 

Here we go!    Monday while at work, I found out about direct deposit in terms of paychecks (this is NEW at least in our office).  I later find out this week, it’s not happening, well at least for this week. May be a GO next week! 

Tuesday marked our special 27th!  So the countdown to our wedding is now at 8 MONTHS!!!! Isaiah was home sick due to his voice being nearly lost. So I spent my evening with him.  Also did laundry, cleaning and all that daily crap. LOl.  Of course, I was at work as usual. 

Wednesday rolled around. At work again.  Isaiah home again.    We later went to see Skeleton Key at Rainbow. Ohh, Kate Hudson. It was a real good movie! Definitely getting it on DVD when it comes out!

On Thursday, I was at work as usual.  Isaiah home sick again. He went grocery shopping for us and got my wedding band (People’s called to say it was ready for pick up). I got pink roses too! Aww, I love my soon to be husband!  He picked me up from work too!  (He took me to work in the AM TOO!).  We were home until about 6:30.  The visit with Carol didn’t work out originally because she said on MSN that she wasn’t coming So we went to see kittens at the pet store.  We bought TWO!! Grey and the other is black & white.  They were getting their shots today.  We pick the kitties up TOMORROW! Hehe. We are so the offical kitty parents now!!!! Hehe.  They were born in August (Aug 5) so they’re 8 weeks!  Hehe. Will let you know what names they will have!After the kitty thing, we decided to visit my mom and tell her about our kitties. Then, as already planned, we went to see Violet (Isaiah’s mom) to watch Surviour with her.  We came home just after 9 PM. Watched CSI and went to bed earlier than normal (we ususally sleep b/w 12 AM and 1 AM, but last nite, it was 10 PM).  

Today’s friday.  I was at work.  Isaiah’s home again.  I got paid at work! Deposited it at the bank!  Came home.  Relaxed, did laundry. Eventually dinner with Isaiah.   We’re not sure if we’re going out in the next little while or not. We’re thinking of Red Eye (the movie) but not sure if we’ll see it tonite or not. 

Anyway, that’s all that is crazy in Jules’ life!!  There’s an exciting weekend to spill of, but you guys have to wait! LOL! So Have a great nite, y’all! 




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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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