The Sharing Of 2005’s Autumn Love !!! :D

Hi People!


Well, it’s the end of the weekend.  Hope you all enjoyed it to the fullest! I know I did! Hehe!  But anyway.. let’s roll back in time to last Thursday! Thursday marked the start in the season of Autumn aka Fall.  Hopefully, it’s a warm one.  Of course, I was at work as usual all day.  I spent the evening with Isaiah with just pure relaxation.. We watched the premeire of CSI and ER! Hehe.  Fun stuff! 

Friday rolls around.  Work was real slow.  Gosh, I swear.. Big change from the summer… every since September started, it’s sort of on a dead hill.  The summer was so extremely busy!! But i did get a really nice compliment from Kathy!  She was very impressed of my work devotion to being full time and doing splendidly into my job! So that really made my day! After work, my mom picked me up.  We got Diane and Ashley. Off we went to Reitmans. It was our day to do the orders of the bridemaid dresses!!!!  Beautiful!  The paperwork was a little long but it got done!  The dresses may be ready on or about 10 weeks so sometime in December I would say.  That’s awesome.. the dresses would be here before the end of the year! That’s exciting!  Anyway, I ended up being home a little later than expected because I decided to go the mall just to look around. My mom droppped off the girls before going to JLC with Dad to watch the Knights.  I got home just before 9:00.  Then I had a subway craving. .i know, bad me! Lol. So I walked and got a sub. Came home.. relaxed for 1/2 hour before Isaiah got home!  We relaxed until we were tired enough to go to bed.

A few hours later, it was Saturday.  We woke up around 10 AM.  About 1:00, we went for our kitty hunt—exciting! But no luck on actual kitten. However, we did get some stuff.  Heheh, preparing for our newest addition. Haha!  We later had dinner with my parents at the maitland house.  I got my Shadow (family kitty) fix!!!! Hehe. We left around 8:00.  Went home to change. Left shortly after 9 PM to  walk down to Club 29. This was the riginal location to celebrate Diane’s birthday.  We were in line until about 10:15 or so. Diane and Jon showed up with some friends.  Change of plans. So we went to Martini Bar. We all stayed until 12:30 AM… drinks and pictures! Fun night! I believe Isaiah and I went to bed shortly after.

Sunday comes acalling! Haha. Same thing.. We’re up around 10  AM.  We relaxed for a while (and cleaned too!).  We eventually went out to a few places ie. Chapters, and the mall, and food (ie. Taco Bell and the grocery store).   We did not plan purchasing this next thing yet. November aka our 4 1/2 year mark was our original plan but we ended up buying our wedding bands today!!!!!   Yeah, we were near the mall and Isaiah’s like, wanna check out People’s? (we’ve been there tons of times for my e-ring and band shopping so yeah nothing new).  So we went just to look and then we decided to buy the bands we liked. I’m so stoked!   We were able to bring Isaiah’s wedding band home cuz it was the perfect size on him. My band is actually the matching set to my engagement ring so we got that. It has to be sized down to my finger so I’ll get to pick it up in a few days!  I can’t wait! Anyway, we got home around 4 PM.  We watched the Pacifier (we got the dvd a while back) a couple hours later. Hehe. Love Vin Dinsel. He’s gorgeous, right Carol? hehe!  Had dinner. Now, we’re just relaxing for the rest of the night.  Anyway, that’s about all for now.  Be hearty! Hehe.  More on later in the week! 


The Earthy Jules




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