Today’s Wrapped In Smiles!!! =)

Hi Wonderful Friends!

So sorry.. a few days have gone by and I’ve been neglecting this :P.  Bah, so I’m here now, and to give you an jiffy update! So sunday had me and Isaiah cleaning and relaxing. We later had dinner with his parents, Violet and Scott.   They had a good honeymoon. We get to see their wedding pics from Sharmane in a couple weeks. So yeah, we’re looking forward to seeing how they turned out!  We also played cards with them. Fun stuff! Oh yeah, Isaiah’s step-sister Ashley was there too.  We decided to ask her to be in our wedding party as a junior bridesmaid/attendant. It seems to be a go. We’ll have to see if she can get her dress size in time!!

There’s not a whole lot to update about Monday to Wednesday aka today.  Just being the usual working woman at the office.  Nothing special to report in the evenings either.  Just usual Jules time and spending time with Isaiah when he got home from work.

I have some speedy randomness to spill.  Alan made a visit here to see Isaiah and me late Saturday night. He did call before coming here to make sure we were home though. That was so unplanned but so sweet of a surprise!  We hadn’t seen Alan in a while. My mom and I are going to order the bridesmaid dresses for my girls this Friday night!!! I’m so looking forward to that! I also want to send out special birthday wishes today to go out to Diane and Kristen !!! Enjoy your special days!! Btw, today’s the last day of summer.  Autumn aka the fall season begins tomorrow. I wish it was summer continously all year. Ah, well, you can only dream eh?

Okay, that’s about all that is new.  So enjoy your evening.  I’ll probably be back here with more news on the weekend probably.  Keep on being positive and smile lots! 

The Loveable Sunshine,




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