A Relaxed Saturday! =)

Hey Guys!


Hope your having a wonderful weekend so far!!!! So far so good for us! *smiles* So what’s new? Not a whole lot.  I have new pics up in the album (just got it developed earlier today).  There’s a possible chance that I may have a visit with my best friend Marky this coming Friday! I last saw him in August and that was super short, so hopefully, he’ll be able to stay a little longer this time! We’ll see!  Keep fingers crossed that this visit happens! Thanks!

So on to my usual daily news of my life, here we go with Friday.  I’m the usual sutton babe during the day.  I got paid!! YAY! I adore, adore being full time so much! I actually don’t miss university life one bit, but it’s only because i know with being a working woman, I can have more money to devote towards our place and our wedding plans, and our forthcoming kitten, and of course this coming xmas! I later spent time with Isaiah when he got home from work.. we relaxed together until about midnight and then it was sleepyland for us.

A few hours later, it’s offically Saturday aka today for us. We slept until 10 AM.  Nice long sleep! About 12:45, we got the car from his parents and had it until 4 PM. It was so nice! We haven’t had it for a while now.  So to save time since we had planned the mall and groceries to do, Isaiah dropped me off at the mall so I can do my fun shopping while he went off to Price Chopper near my parents house to get our groceries.  While at the mall, I bought two new work pants (black & gray), more gift bags for future gifts, new cockcrew for our wines, new lunch bag for work, home stuff, and a housewarming gift for Rick & CJ.  I also got pics developed! I’m super happy about the pics!  Isaiah got us late lunch; subway when he picked me up We’ve been home relaxing since… watched AVP (Alien vs. Predator).   Very comfy night, I would say! We’re going to watch another movie before we go to sleep.  So that’ll be good

Tomorrow, we only have planned to go to his parents house to have our usual sunday dinner with them.  So I imagine, we’l have more talks of how their honeymoon went and stuff!  Next week is my parents turn.  That’ll be nice  

Anyway, that’s about all for updates. So Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Keep it fun and safe! Night, All!




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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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