Jules’ Rainbow Of Thoughts!!! :D

Hi Ladies and Gentleman!


How are you guys on this fine evening?  Seems the nights are getting more like fall.. cooler weather.. .we’re getting close to the offical close of Summer.. it’s next week! Aww!!  I’ve had an incredible summer this year, and i hope it’d be even more incredible next year with the fact I’ll be a married woman!

Here we are onto the daily bits of my life. From Monday to Thursday aka today had me being a full time Sutton babe as usual. Nothing special happened during the evenings at home.  However, Isaiah’s off today, and here tonight!  So, we’re just relaxing here. I guess we’re not having dinner with Dylan and Sarah anymore. They aren’t home so I guess they forgot It’s okay!  We’ll probably watch a movie later!


Randomness thoughts…

·        Excited about our 4 ½ year mark in November… Memories of our 3 ½ celebration last year floats about including of LSTREB’s XMAS party with the Sutton crew the night before, spending the weekend at Isaiah’s, and our surprise engagement announcement in the paper!!!  Hope it’s as memorable as 2004!  We’re planning on going to this year’s XMAS party for LSTREB again.  We’re tired of Teletech’s XMAS parties so we decided to go just to one this year in the behalf of my work, Sutton Select for LSTREB. It’s always more lively, and might I add, more romantic

·        Isaiah’s parents are back from their honeymoon early (they were originally gonna be back Sunday). They went to Newfoundland!  I’ve been there once before; Summer of 2000 with my family.  So Isaiah gave back their pets.  Yay! We get early relief. Reboot was a good cat, but Angel (dog) was driving us nuts the most especially with her barking and peeing on the kitchen floor  Of course, we took her out for walks to do her business outside whenever we were around.  We’ll probably start looking for our newly addition, a kitty soon… probably within the next couple weeks! I can’t wait!!!

·        Bridesmaid/Dresses update Found out dresses aren’t due to be ordered until Halloween now.  Mom and I originally thought it was the deadline of October 1st. .So Yay, more time for Diane and Ashley (Ash is our new junior attendant—she’s Isaiah’s step-sister; same age as Alex).  So anyway, I’m ordering the dresses for sure the weekend of October 15 (basically the weekend after Thanksgiving).

·        There’s a bridal shower (potluck dinner) being planned for Tammy by work people.  Don’t worry, she already knows.  Otherwise, I wouldn’t have mentioned on here.It should be fun. It’s held at one of the agent’s houses on Oct 27.  Oct 27 is ther 7 month mark countdown to our wedding! Hehe!


Okay, enough trails of thoughts.  You got your fix!  So more on later.  Have a nice evening, people! Keep on smiling!!!


Your True Blue,




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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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