A Sunday Nite Coolness!

Hi Sweeties!!!!

Lookie, I’m back here! Haha, to do an update of my so craziness!!! So here we go with Friday.  I was at work as usual. However, I left an hour early. 4 PM. I was all caught up with my admin stuff and helped with our very pregnant Tammy with some stuff too. I went home after work.  Mom calls around 5:30 or so saying that we’re going to the golf tourney dinner. I actually was the one that wanted to go see people from work there. I couldn’t golf because it was just me and Tammy (and Amy) actually at work (Kathy, Suz and Pat were all golfing!!).  The dinner was great. Chicken, salad and potatoes. Got to talk to some of the agents.  Mom and I left after 8:30 when dinner/prizes were still going on.  I was home after that. Relaxed until Isaiah got home from work.  We just relaxed for a while then went to bed.

Saturday rolls around. Woke up around 10:30 AM.  Relaxed/chilled for a few hours. We left around 3:30/4 PM with Mom, Dylan and Niko (family dog) to my uncle Mark’s. Dad had ridden his bike with Alex.  We got there around 6 PM.  My uncle lives in Rockwood.  We got to see Cousin Jill & Billy & the little ones: Emily & Willy, Cousin Michelle & Ryan, Cousin Kevin, Aunt Diann, Uncle Mark & Karen! Those were absent was Cousin Jess & Peter, Cousin Joey, Uncle Jules & Wanita, Aunt Kathy & Lonnie, and Uncle Joe.  There was lots talks of Michelle and Mine’s wedding plans and etc, Jill being very excited to be one of my bridesmaids. Billy talked to me and Isaiah for a bit.  Isaiah and I camped out in our tent where as everybody else was sleeping in the house. Haha, we had our privacy lol.  Billy was very interested in our apartment as he hasn’t seen it but Jill has.  Actually Jill’s the only cousin so far on both sides of my family that has seen our place!  Anyway, i went to bed tired after being at the campfire (yeah, we had a big family campfire outside in the back of the house) probably around 11 PM, and Isaiah shortly after joins me  in our tent.

Sunday (today) consisted of us waking up around 9 AM. We were making the trip back to London just after 11 AM with mom, alex, dylan, and Niko. Dad rode the bike back to the ciyt on his own.. We got back around 1-1:30.  We later went to blockbuster and bought a bunch more movies. Lol.  In the middle of watching Open Water (not too bad of a movie), we ordered pizza and chicken wings.. MMMM! haha.  Now, we’re just relaxing for a while before we watch our next movie. It’ll be the last one to watch for today. We have a bunch more to watch for the next few days so we’ll be very entertained! hehe. We’ll probably go to bed around 12- 1 AM as we both have to work tomorrow.

Some randomness to share… Rick & CJ will be offically moved in their new place tomorrow (Monday the 12th). Congrats you two!!! We have plans to have dinner with Dylan and his long time GF, Sarah thursday nite downstairs (their place). Should be wonderful! 

Anyways, enuff juices to fill up for new. More cool trails later! Have some sweet dreams tonite! 

Lotta Hugs,




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