Today’s Romance ;)

Hi Guys!

 How’s your September going? I hope well! It’s going well for me so far!!! Hearty-wonderful!!! *Smiles* 

Okay, here’s the grill on my week so far!  Tuesday was my first day back at work after being off last week for my annual "summer" vacation. I got approved per se my request for being full time for my year off university!!! There’s a chance that I might be able to have a few days off around XMAS (most likely the week after XMAS leading to new years)! *Crosses fingers* It depends if the office ends up very dead around then. After work, I went to the clinic for my appt. It went well.  Relaxed at home afterwards along with laundry, eating, and showering and being online as usual.  

There isn’t nothing much to report about Wednesday. I was at work all-day and relaxed in the evening. It was garbage night, so all our stinky stuff was out and the recyclables! .  

Today is Thursday.  Once again, I was busy all day at work. I came home to a surprise.  Before I begin to tell of the surprise, Isaiah asked me for his debit card yesterday because it was something for me today (I carry his because he gets tempted to spend more than he should if he has it all the time and I’m a better saver so I carry his cards until the bills come to pay it off and stuff that he actually needs).  So I get home with the advanced knowlege for some time now (the whole summer) that he had the day off  today (thursdays are one of his days off)!  Well, he was very much a romantic!  It’s been a while he’s gotten to do stuff like this. He had candles lit in our bedroom with rose petals on our bed, and candles lit in the kitchen with Swiss Chalet food as our dinner and we were going to have wine but our corkscrew doesn’t work (so we’ll have to buy a new one soon). So instead of wine, we had apple juice in our wine glasses.  I took pictures!!! Dinner was amazing, and the bedroom stuff was amazing too.  Anyway, it was so awesome. I was very much in awe, and make me fall even more and more in love with him.  Seriously, it wasn’t even a special occasion or our anniversary at all. It was just one of those random days being romantic, and showing his love. Very much the reason that he loves me!*Swoons*

Anyway, we’re just doing our own thing at the moment, but we’re going to watch two movies very soon… Electra and Crash.  Isaiah got the DVDS today too!

Tomorrow… I’m at work again! I’m so much the Sutton babe!   The office closes early at 5 PM. However,  I’m going to clock out at 4 instead of my normal 5 PM end time. This is because of the annual charity golf tournament that happens this time every year since Dad opened the office 13 years ago. I’m not golfing because I’ve chosen to help our very pregnant co-worker, Tammy 1 with work (we have two Tammy’s!) while Kathy, Suz and Pat golf with our agents but I hope to attend the dinner if my mom chooses to go. My mom will be my only ride if she goes.  

This weekend will be very busy but very FUN!! Dylan, Sarah, Isaiah and myself are going with my parents to my uncle’ Mark’s (Cousin Jill’s dad) house on Saturday for the family reunion on my mom’s side of the family.. so i reunite with all of my girl cousins (seriously, there’s like 5 of us girls–me, Jill, Michelle, Joey, and Jessica). haha. Jill’s already married (has been for 6 years), Jessica got married in June in BC (she’s coming back in Dec, I think). Both Michelle and I will be married next year, me in May whereas Michelle in July.  Joey will be the last one, but unknown time of her wedding. She’s not yet engaged or seriously involved with anyone (or at least not I know of). . Isaiah and I are camping outside of the house in our tent. I’m bringing my coolers, and pop for Isaiah. It’ll be awesome overall!!!  We’ll be back sometime Sunday. *GRINS*

All right, enough of an update.  Enjoy the rest of your week and the coming weekend!!! Be crazy and beautiful as much you want as long you stay true to yourself!

Much Love,




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