Friendship Memories Are Most Precious! =)

Hi Peeps!

Here I am again to give you today’s fix on my crazy and beautiful journey! So let’s update! Sunday night was just pure nothingness.  We relaxed all night with Isaiah also recovering from his sickness.  So we just watched a movie,  The Story of US. Isaiah had never seen this until that night but he loved the movie.  I’m a big fan of Bruce Willis. Hehe! We also started to watch "Where the Heart Is", but we got too tired & went to bed. 

Monday rolls around. Isaiah had the day off!!!  So we relaxed together in the morning. I worked out with Isaiah in the afternoon at the gym.  Felt great. I hadn’t been there in probably 6 months so yeah, i know… tsk tsk. But I’m working on going there more often again. On the way home, I changed my clinic appt for later in the day next Tuesday (originally 11 AM, now 5 PM)  Later, we went to the wedding rehearsal for Isaiah’s parents (mom & step-dad). with them and Isaiah’s aunt Mary & Uncle Jimmy.   I’m the video camera woman for the ceremony.  Then we went to kind of late dinner where the reception is going to be on Saturday. Fun stuff.  We went to bed not to long after we got home as Isaiah had to work Tuesday 

Tuesday was simply Jules & Carol’s DayI took the bus to her place. Got there 3:30.  We hung out at her house for a while, later took a 20 min walk around her area. We are the shopaholics so yes, we had to go to the mall afterwards! She bought some stuff. I bought a black skirt, a grey huggable tank, and 3 new sexy thongs  After the mall, we made a small stop at her house. Then she drove me home after 8:30 PM. Total of 5 hours together!  I love those LONG  hangouts!  We might get together Labour Day Monday! Yay!  One more chance before school starts to go bonkers!  Yippee!

Today is Wednesday. I had a BIG sleep.  Slept until 11:30 AM! Geesh! Dylan’s moved in with Sarah today downstairs. Saw the guys, Ryan, Henry, and new guy. Can’t remember whatever his name is so blah. They helped out with the move. But Ryan is a sweetheart and Henry is super- nice as well!  I also saw my parents, as well.   I might see Christine later today. We’ll see. She’s back from Buffalo where’s she is for teacher’s college.  Yeah, the classes started on Monday.  I think they are all day Monday and Tuesday. So, she comes back Wednesday and goes there again Sunday.  This is the routine for one year for her I believe. Anyway, so hopefully we hang out tonite.  I’m a bit bored here, and I feel like going out, even if it’s just for drinks. Hehe.

Pure randomness here! I miss Isaiah.  He’s at work. He wakes me up just before 8:30 AM to let me know he was leaving for the gym and to give me some kisses! He usually does his workout before he checks into work for 11:15 AM. I was like Aww… I want you home today!  He’s like me too but I got to work.  $$! So, yeah, I’ll see him later tonight. He’s done around 10 PM.  BUT we get to stay up very late tonight! YAY!  He’s off TOMORROW! So, we’re spending the whole day and night together.  It’s going to be wonderful!

So anyway, that’s it for today. I’ll update probably either on Friday or Sunday. Whenever I’m less busy!  Regardless, you’ll get one before Labour Day Monday.  Be safe, and be happy. Always be your crazy self!  Haha!


Yours Truly,






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