The beginning of my vacation…. *yelps*

Hi Lovely Friends! 

How was the weekend for you guys?  I hope peachy wonderful!!!! *smiles*  I am in a blissful mood! Haha! The joys of being in love!  Anyway, let’s get on to business! So, Friday had me working.  However, I got off early to have another appointment at Fanshawe.  Btw, that went well. After Fanshawe, my mom and I went shoe shopping @ Shoe Company.  I ended up bring 4 pairs of shoes home! Yeeesh, it is a lot! I admit I am a spoiled brat (so says Marky). Basically, they are pairs for work, school, sandles (spring/summer) and my bridal shoes! After that, I was dropped off back here. I came home to a surprise of Isaiah being home.  Turns out he had left work being sick around 4 PM (he normally works until 10 PM).  So I spent the night taking care of him and  relaxing with him. I think we went to bed like around 11 PM or so.

Saturday had us having a big sleep!  We woke up around 10:30!! We relaxed for the remainder of the morning.  Around 1:30, we went to lunch at Kelsey’s with Summers. Fun stuff! Then we came back here and of course had dinner here. Later in the evening, we went to see a 9:30 showing of The Island @ Rainbow with Summers and Rick. Hehe, the movies with the guys! .  Reminds me of my earlier days of me bein the only girl and having the guys around me! Haha!   After, we went to Golden Grill with just Summers. I had a huge waffle with strawberries and whipped cream… MMM!  Came home officially around 1 AM.  Dead tired as soon we got home so it was bed time for us!

Now, today being Sunday… slept in until about 10 A.M.  About 1 PM, we had breakfast/brunch/lunch thing with my parents at the Maitland house.  It was a wonderful visit!  We found out my parents ARE taking care of our honeymoon as their wedding present to us! They couldn’t think of anything else to give for our wedding present. So, that was a nice surprise!  We won’t know until probably the day before the big day of our honeymoon destination!  All they said was to make sure that we get passports as we might need it We talked more stuff about the wedding i.e. what’s left to do, and etc.  We left around 3:30 and headed back here.  Been relaxing since. 

Isaiah’s still sick, so we’re not going out at all tonight.  So we’ll probably watch a movie in a hour or so and then maybe go to bed after. Oh, I almost forgot… I got my kitty fix!!!  He was outside as we knew.  But he appeared from somewhere while Isaiah and I were in the hottub.  Isaiah was like oh, there’s Shadow.  Seriously, I still baby that kitty!  I catch him, cuddle him up, have my kitty kiss. I give him those kitty treats and milk.  Yes, i see him as my baby!  I got another picture taken with him! And oh, one with just niko and shadow sitting nearby together so that was so adorable!  (yes, i had my camera with me! ). You know me, you guys!  

 Oh, as to my subject title says,  it’s the beginning of my vacation!   Yeah, i am having my annual week-long vacation from work.  It’s always usually the week before school starts.  I like how it works out that way!  so far, my vacation is going well.  Of course, we’re not going anywhere this week as we want to save as much we can for the wedding and the honeymoon (well the fun stuff at least as my parents are covering the big stuff.. ie. the location, airlines, and etc). Good idea eh?  

As for the rest of the week.. .spending monday iwth Isaiah (he has it off work), Tuesday with Carol,  Wednesday with Christine (and that’s also Dylan & Sarah’s moving day to the main floor apartment of this house).  Thursday.. probably with Isaiah.  Friday is pretty much up in the air.  Saturday,  Violet and Scott’s wedding (Isaiah’s mom & step-dad).  My parents are going to this event as well.  Sunday will be with Isaiah.  Labour Day Monday’s up in the air.  That’s about all so far! Seems to be a busy week from the looks of it, but it’ll be FUN overall! I get to see people, and of course my husband to be!  

Okay,  Cut!  I’m wrapping this up now! Hehe. Have a wonderful sleep you guys! Sweet Dreams to you all! *HUGS*


Much Love,






p.s. Saturday was the 27th….. 9 months offically to go for our BIG day!!!!!! And 3 months left until our 4 1/2 anniversary mark (November)!!!


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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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