A Just Because…. *smiles*

Hi People!

It’s Freaking Thursday! LOL! Haha! Got you there eh?  Anyways, Somewhat of interesting things to update!

Let’s go back in time to Tuesday. There’s nothing really special to report though. Just worked all day, and relaxing at home in the evening. However, I had gotten a shopping fever so I decided that I would go after work the next day (Wednesday).  Which it happened?  Talk in a moment.

Wednesday was basically of work, shopping, and home.  I went home after work to quickly change, and have a salad.  Then I went to the mall. Yes, of course, I took the city bus there, as I have no car.  Gosh, I miss the Lexus!!!  I wonder if I’ll actually be able to have it to myself one day next week.  We’ll see! Let’s hope so!

Anyway,  I had my personal shopping fun!  You could say, I was on a BIG shopping spree! Haha.  First, I got my pictures developed, and then I started my BRA hunt. I swear; I needed NEW ones.  I’m serious, I haven’t bought any in FOREVER and I’ve been using a few of my mom’s on loan (well it’s technically mine now). Yeah, bad Jules, I know! .   So I knew I had to get measured again, because I know mine has grown in the last few years.  It was surprising, that I went up a CUP. I’m basically 38 C! Well, not so surprising, but the number with it.   Which means I’m going to be SUPER big when I get pregnant years down the road.  Okay, all the more reason to lose weight while I can.  If you all don’t know, I’ve gained quite bit of weight the last 2 years. 

Anyway, back to the bra hunt…. The gorgeous babe at La Senza was helpful, and I must have tried on like 10 before I decided THREE best ones that I ended up buying.  Not going to tell you what colors I got, but imagine away LOL!  After that, I was on a fall top/sweater hunt. Found a gray one at Suzy Shier with a hoodie.  Nice! Then, I was definitely on jeans hunt because with the 4 I have, one only fits me now so I needed new ones.  Got 2 at Stitches for $40 (TOTAL!).  Nice shopping eh. Ah oh, got a white/silver necklace and green and black tank top from RW& CO. Yes, lots of $$, but I had paid so much with FOOD and movies on my behalf, Isaiah paid some of it back and so I used that along with my debit card!  But yeah, I’m really happy how the shopping turned out and it was only 2 hours.  Okay, see how much I am a SHOPAHOLIC!  Yes, I still have $$ in my bank account. I’m good about that too!  Anyway, I went home after that.  Had about 45 minutes to myself to totally relax until Isaiah got home.  Isaiah knew about the shopping business so it wasn’t surprising to seeing lots of bags on our bed LOL!  So that’ was my Wednesday!

Today (Thursday)..At work all day. But I did a lot more administrative stuff. I actually did agents expenses on Lone Wolf.  Not new thing, but I  don’t do this very often. Usually Kathy does this, but she was swapped today and it was real slow on my share of work stuff.  So that was great.  Time consuming though but very easy.   After work, came home.  Isaiah had his day off, so he was here when I got in.  Gee, some random black guy comes up to me while walking home and tries to hook up with by trying to get my number to “hang out” Yeah right.  Apparently, he didn’t get my reason “why”.  2nd time, I told him I was engaged, and he’s like have a nice day. Oh, it was hilarious.   Isaiah’s like ohhh, you got guys picking you up (well that’s not new, just that it hasn’t happened for a while). Hehe! 

Anyway, the guys (Alan, Vic and Issac) are over right now to watch Summerslam that Isaiah had taped from Sunday night.   They’re all enjoying hamburgers cooked from earlier. Haha. They’ll probably be here until midnight when the “taped” show ends. Gee, Alan’s sure popular with his cell phone lol. It keeps ringing! Mr. Cell phone hunk haha!

The outlook of the weekend? Hmmm. Plans aren’t quite confirmed yet for Saturday.  However, I’m working tomorrow but getting off early. Yes, Fanshawe. AGAIN!  Then, possibly shoe shopping as well. Don’t know what else is happening after. 

Saturday is not quite yet confirmed. However, it’s probably something happening b/w Isaiah, summers and me.  I know Summers called last weekend, and we couldn’t do anything then. So definitely he’ll be around for sure Sat.

Sunday: We will be at my parents’ house for dinner & visit. We’ll probably be in more talks of our honeymoon.  Isaiah and I really want to have a super romantic and enjoyable vacation as newlyweds and not to be so stressed about it.  So hopefully, we actually have a final decision of where we’ll be or when we’ll be booking our week away!  Other than the family dinner, we’ll be relaxing here during the day. 

Anyway, that’s a lot to handle for now.  So there’ll be more trails to come later.  Have a nice night, sweeties!



p.s. new pictures that were developed Wednesday are up in the album!



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