Sweet Summer Nothings! =)

Hello My Precious Friends!


What’s treating you good today?  For me, just the life that I lead and share with Isaiah! I adore people that are in my life, family and friends!


Anyway, let’s get updated on my blessed journey eh? Okay! Where did we leave off? Oh yeah, Friday! Silly me! Haha!  So here we go with Saturday!  Isaiah and I spent it being around the house just relaxing and cleaning. We finally went to the 6 PM mass at St. Peter’s that night. Yes, we saw Father Jim our minister/priest that is marrying us in May (he was originally at St. Michael’s) prior to mass so we talked for a couple minutes. I think we’re going to get together soon with father Jim hopefully in September and get on with getting stuff together for our martial ceremony.  After mass, we walked to City Lights (IN THE RAIN!) and bought some movies.  It was still raining when we walked the rest of the way to Isaiah’s parents house. So when we got there, we got the car and went back here to change and then back to the parents’ house. We had dinner. Lasagna I believe.  After dinner, we played cards.  Violet won. We also had time for a quick game of monopoly.  Violet also won as well. We got home around 11:30. Watched one of the movies we bought. Can’t remember which one it was! OH well. Oh now, I think I remember. Preicent 48. I know it was a police movie! Bah!


Sunday was consisted of relaxing around the house again.  We originally invited the guys, Alan, Vic and Isaac to watch Summerslam (Wrestlling PPV) with us. But Alan had to work, and Alan was Vic and Isaac’s ride so they couldn’t come either.  So then Isaiah decided to invite Rick over, but Rick ended up getting a head cold so he didn’t want to show up and give that nasty stuff to us.  So it was just Isaiah and I watching the PPV.  It was good.  Some real good matches!  I think we also watched a movie after that. Club Dread I think it was.


I went to work Monday. However, I left early to have my 3 PM appt at Fanshawe with Mom.  Went well.  After that, I went to hang out at Mom’s with her, Dylan and Alex.  Dylan and I made supper. Spicy steak! Hehe. I know that we are going to be cooking more together when he moves in with Sarah (his longtime GF) in the main floor apartment of the house (basically just below us).  I also got my KITTY fix!  Yeah, lovely Shadow appeared just before dinner from somewhere in the house. So I picked him up, cuddled and got my kitty kiss too!  I can’t wait for my own kitten that I’ll be sharing with Isaiah later on in September/Early October!   I got back here around 7:30.  Ended up showering, laundry, and just relaxing. However, my left leg was aching so much from all day (started after I had left here for work in the morning) so I couldn’t stay online long.  So around 9:00,  I went to lay down on the couch and watched RAW to kill time until Isaiah got home from work.  We continued to watch RAW.  Good show. I’m telling you, I’m getting more addicted to WWE now!  We went to bed shortly after the show.


Oh, I don’t know If I mentioned in the last entry. Maybe not. We’re changing our minds about the honeymoon destination.  We are now thinking of going down to FLORIDA instead of the Pocancos (Pennslyvania).  Well, I think we will save more money and not be in a super fancy resort.  My parents are with RCI (timeshare) so that may be part of their wedding gift to us.  Getting the resort for us in Florida (of course we’ll pick out which one, but they will reserve it for us and everything).  We possibly maybe in the Kissminnee/Orlando area.  For many things… We both wish to see Universal (I’ve only been there once, I think back in ’97) and I want to see Seaworld (mainly Discovery Cove for the dolphin experience). Plus there are beaches around FLA and lots of SHOPPING is planned as well. 


So If we are definitely going down there, we are most likely FLYING. God, I haven’t flown since March of 2001!  I believe it was for the carribbean cruise that I went on with  my family.  However aside from the 5-year gap (will it’ll be the 6 year absence come 2006), the flying experience will be new. It’ll become romantic because I’m doing this with Isaiah   Even the better part is that Isaiah’s never FLOWN or even been out of Canada at all his entire life, so I think even if we do go to FLA, it’ll be much more worthwhile and amazing!  Oh yeah, plus, we’ll be husband and wife. So it’ll also be the first flying experience as a MARRIED woman.  I have no fears of flying. I’ve flown since I was a little kid. Just that it’s just weird, not having flown for more than 2 year gap at least!


Anyway, this is SUPER long, longer than I originally expected for this to be tonight!  So I’m going to stop right here!  Have a wonderful night, ladies and gentleman!


Lotta Love,






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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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