Friday’s Treat!!! =)

Hello My Beautiful People!

 Well, it’s Friday night and I am here at home. No complains though.  I’ll tell more in a few seconds.  Let’s trace back to Wednesday.  

I had a super awesome visit with Jill & her kids in the AM!  My mom also came by and shared the visit with me. It was just less hectic of a visit, I think than when my mom and I went a couple weeks before!  Emily was so adorable in her outfit, and Willy was just being his usual stuff LOL.   We pretty much spent the morning with them and showed Jill the courthouse (the outside of it at least) and had lunch at the Covent Market.  After that Jill left with her kids to go back to Burlington (she had been in London for 2 ½ days staying at her mom’s).

After they left, Mom and I went out.  We went to start on the MOB (Mother of the Bride) dress hunt.  We found three that suits her at the 2nd store we looked at.  However, we love the first choice in that store so much.  My mom still wants to look around more to make sure she isn’t missing out on anything else.  But if nothing, then she’ll go back to that particular store, and order her first choice.  It was so much fun, and so awesome!!! We had another one of those moments.  I had the feeling that she had experienced when I found my dress. So it was like wow, this is so AMAZING!  After that, we went to Home Sense, and that’s about all we had time for together!  Nothing much else happened that night.  Mainly, just a relaxing night!

Yesterday (Thursday), I was back at work.  It was a normal day; nothing overly hectic so that was good. But I had a good ending at work. Isaiah told me he was coming to pick me up via text message on my cell at the end of my shift!  Which was nice for a change!  I’m always taking the bus TO and FROM work.  Plus, my feet were so aching by the time he picked me up. So I really needed the break!  I walk around quite a bit at work so there!  So we went to Blockbuster to buy Million Dollar Baby. We’ve been hearing that the movie is really a must see and really good!  So when we watched later that night, it proved amazing, and emotional at the end though!  After Blockbuster, we went to do our grocery shopping. What? We were pretty low on food, and plus, we usually do this around our paydays so Got that done.  Stopped by Taco Bell afterwards.  It is so US. This is what happens.  We ALWAYS get takeout after grocery shopping because of being too bloody tired to cook after buying and putting away our groceries! Hehe. Of course after, we watched Million Dollar Baby (about a hour after we had been home). I’ve already given the review previously!. that’s about all from last night.

Today (Friday) at work again as usual!  After work, I went to the bank to deposit my paycheck and to pay the Rogers bill (TV, cable, internet and our cell phones).  Then I came home, cleaned, ate, and relaxed.  I was expecting Mark Hedden to come by. He’s been one of my best friends since we met in 2000. Yes 5 bloody years!  He’s the greatest!   Anyway, he came STRAIGHT from work, and he was so tired, but I’m so glad he came.  We had planned this for a while even though I knew this visit would be very short.  It was so nice to see him and he finally got to see our place. Gave him the tour. Talked just for a few minutes.  Got a picture of him, and a picture of us together (see how that one turn s out… hopefully good!). Oh yeah, and 2 hugs! J I love my Marky hugs! Maybe, I’ll be able to make the drive to see him in the fall. We’ll see!  

Anyway, the night is still going and Isaiah’s still at work. He’ll be home in just little over one hour though. I can’t wait to see him. I’ve been missing him ALL day! Hehe. He called on his last break, just before Mark arrived LOL. What timing. Haha!

Not too much exciting this weekend. Just relaxing together! We’re though seeing his parents on Saturday night, and planning on going to mass as well same day.  Sunday is the Summerslam PPV (rock ON!) and maybe Carol will be able to pop over in the afternoon. we’ll see!

I have 1 news for September.  There’s a planned family together on my mom’s side for Sept 10 & 11 at my uncle Mark’s. We were up there last year for Labor Day weekend. Well same thing except this year is the weekend after.  So we’re hoping to go. My parents are OUR ride mainly so it depends if Dad’s schedule can fit this IN.  I’d love to see ALL of my cousins!  Also, that this would be a chance to have us use our TENT! We haven’t used it at all this year and there’s no camping scheduled for anywhere else so why not right? LOL! We used it up there last year too so its no biggie!

Anyway, enough sexy dibs of Jules and her life!  Probably will update at the end of the weekend probably!  So, have a great nite!!!

Huggies to ALL!!




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