What A Bubbly Fun Life!!! ;)

Dearest True Blues!!!
Here I am again! Lol.  How’s Tuesday treating ya?  I hope peachy!  Today’s Marlene’s birthday! She turns 23!  Hope she has a wonderful celebration!
Anyway, tracing back to Sunday… Isaiah and I went to mom and dad’s for to celebrate my dad’s birthday which was offically on Friday (last).  As mentioned before, we got him $50 cert. for Canadian Tire.  He loved it!  It was a good celebration. My mom took pictures of my dad with each person LOL. So there’s me, there’s Isaiah, there’s Dylan, there’s Sarah (Dylan’s gf) and Alex. Hehe.
We have been in more talks of our forthcoming kitten. We’ve decided that we’re are going to start the hunt for the kind we want (trad. tabby) as our kitten in late September.  YAY!   Just so much going on between now and then though so it sounds good to do it a month later and PLUS, the weather would be cooler, and etc.  Speaking of cats, we are cat-sitters for Isaiah’s parents for the first two weeks of Sept (due to their honeymooning).
We are still talking more in depth of wedding things and etc.  My mom and I are doing "mother of the bride" dress shopping on Wednesday (tomorrow)! I can’t wait! hehe.
Also on Wed (tomorrow), Cousin Jill and my mom visits me here in the AM! Hehe, it should be wonderful. Lots more talk of wedding, wedding!!! LOL!
Isaiah and I are thinking ahead a bit of next summer (2006).  There’s 2 possible days trips that we want to do, Marineland (since there won’t be any time to do that as summer is fast approaching to a close!) and  Six Flags/Cedar Point (Ohio).  We’re tired of Wonderland.  We’ve gone in ’03, and ’04 for wonderland.  So we figure, Six Flags will entertain us more and introduce us to new excitements! We shall see in a year!
We watched RAW (one of Isaiah’s favorite shows and it’s wrestling!)  last nite, and we’re hyped up for Summerslam.. the PPV that’s airing on Sunday night.  Lots of good matches anticipated Note, I’m not much of a WWE fan/babe but sometimes, wrestling can entertain me.  Well, what u know?  Isaiah rubbed it on me Lol!
Oh, work was hectic yesterday.. SO many deals/trades came in so it kept me and Suz SUPER busy than usual.  But it was more normal today so that’s good LOL.  My left pinky toe aches though… I was walking around a lot at the office doing a few errands 😛 Anyways…. enough of sexy meowing!!!  Have a wonderful evening!!!

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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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