Here’s A Bouquet of Smiles! =)

Hello My Sweets! =)

Hope you all are having a super fantastic weekend!  I am!  So far, he he!  Friday night’s, plans to go to the bar with a friend of ours, Rick fell through.  Got the flu.  Hope he feels better! So I ended up staying home.  Just being online and relaxing around the house.  I eventually got into a kitty-naming mood LOL.  Looked up names online via through baby names and found some good unique names that wouldn’t naturally be used for actual babies.  Hehe. So, we’re more prepared when we have our kitten later this year.  So, obvious, that I’m ready to be a “kitten” mom!  **GRINS! **

Yesterday was balls of fun!  Plans were delayed about 3 hours but it was long forgotten after things got rolling!   Summers came to pick us up and off we went. Our first destination was East Park… Go-karting!!!!  Lots of fun!  I haven’t been to East Park since ’00.  5 bloody years!  LOL.  It was me and Isaiah’s first time there as a couple. Yeah, after just over 4 years of dating!!  Wow!   Next destination was Golden Grill. Summers choice for eating dinner out.  Interesting place, and good food I must add!   I paid for the three of us.  Then we went to White Oak’s mall. The guys and I split up for a good 1 and half hour.  I found a good beige turtleneck for the fall/winter and a baby blue top for clubbing nights.  I got some cleaning and etc stuff for our place at the end of my shopping through Walmart.  After that we went to Silvercity (Masonville area) to see The Dukes of Hazzard.  I have been  dying to see this movie for like ages and I enjoyed it!  The guys thought it was okay.  Personally, it was awesome movie. God, Jessica is incredibly SEXY!!! **Wink** I’m so getting this movie when it’s out on DVD!

Today, Isaiah and I’ve been cleaning our place, dishes and laundry.  My mom’s coming over soon to help me hang up some stuff that I’ve meaning to do for a while now.  After that, she’s taking Isaiah and me back to her and Dad’s house for dinner and visit (and to celebrate Dad’s birthday which was on Friday).  We got Dad $50.00 gift certificate for Canadian Tire.  Dad’s always getting stuff from there so perfect idea!  Tonite should be good!  

Anyway, enuff trails for the day! Enjoy Sunday!  Have a good bang to wrap up the weekend! Hehe!




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