A Wonderful Weekend!!!! =)

Hi Sweet Gems!!!
Here I am…. Geez, time flies by!!!! My goodness!!!!! Last I wrote was Tuesday.  Not much excitement Wed or Thursday but lots Friday, Saturday and Today!
Working as usual Friday… and Pay Day.. Woot!!! $$$, baby!  heehee.  After work, I came home.  Shortly after, Emily came over. This was pre-planned of course. You know me.. I like knowing in advance of when people visit or when I’m visiting people!  Whatever. Lol!  Lovely time with Emily!!!  Talks of the wedding, honeymoon, and things in general.  She was here from 6 until 10.   I might be able to see her again before the summer’s over though! Let’s hope so!!! *crosses fingers*
 Saturday.. I went up to Burlington with my mom.   What a day!  We first visited my uncle Mark and picked up Grandma as she was going to stay a few days at my cousin Jill’s.  Jill’s was about 45 mins away from her dad’s.   We had a lovely visit with Jill.  Jill’s now my 4th bridesmaid (as I had already asked Emily last summer).  I couldn’t remember for sure until Friday night (it came up in our convos of the bridesmaid dresses).  So we’re now at 4, and isaiah has yet to ask his 4th guy.  Not going up any higher.  So Jill was so honoured and so happy.  I was in hers in ’99. So we took pictures and i got some with her kids as well.  My mom and I made a short trip to IKEA.  I want to go back again to that store so I have more time to look at stuff and get more things. Haha.  Maybe in a few weeks!  After I got back from being with mom all day,  I was home with Isaiah for about a couple hours. Then we went bowling with Rick and CJ as they invited us out.  Fun time!   Isaiah was being a kick ass bowler as usual.
Today, Isaiah and I went to Port Burwell (AGAIN) for 2nd time with Isaiah’s parents (as they had asked us about it Thursday nite) and Ashley (Isaiah’s step-sister).  Fun time.  Got more tanned and a little bit of a burn on my upper right leg. Ouchie. But It was a gorgeous day to be at the beach!  We headed back to London for dinner at the parents house and then rented some movies. Now we’re back home (have been for a bit now) and going to watch one of those movies rented soon.
 This week, its going to be busy i imagine as well.  Either Monday or Wednesday for an hour, I’ll be at Fanshawe as my career testing results that i took about 2 weeks ago are in.   Tuesday night, Swiss Chalet for dinner and maybe the bars with a friend of mine.  Wednesday after work, the pool party at my parents house for the office.  Thurs/Friday.. nothing except a possible chance of Mark coming down Friday nite to London (and to visit me).  Saturday,  we’re going East Park (finally!).. either just ourselves or with summers as well.  Sunday, we’ll be at my parents house and going to celebrate Dad’s birthday too while we’re there (as it will be this Friday offically that his birthday lands on).  That’s about all I know so far!
Anyway, you got your sultry drink on Jules so i’m off to go to watch a movie with Isaiah.  Nighty-night!!!

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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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