What a Rocking Friday!!!!

Hi Saturday Sunshines!!! =)


Heehe.  That’s my new nickname for all you that praise Saturdays!  I had a a rocking Friday!  Well, it was rocking more after work.  I went to hang out with Carol at her house.  They have those two birds that are ALWAYS kissing. I capture a pic of the lovebirds! Hehe.  Carol and I had some shopping time as always.  We’re shopaholic twins!  But, we didn’t buy anything in the main mall.  She just had her jeans hemmed.  We looked around though.  There was this extremely sexy dark blue top that I wanted but too much $$.  Going to wait for a sale!   


We went to Reitman’s (near Winners) and she finally checked out the dresses that I was talking about and trying to show her in the brochure.  There are two dresses that I would like for the bridesmaids to wear.. a long gown  or a tea length  one.  Carol really liked the long one, just because it felt more comfortable for her and more innocent.  It’s still sexy though. So it’s a matter of which of the other two would go for. But if they go for the same dress, it’s still all good anyway. I just want my girls to be comfortable and sexy in what they wear for our wedding. I know I’ve already said this but who cares!   Carol, you looked beautiful in that long dress!  Blue rocks! 


So we went to the LCBO to get some drinks. Well I wanted to stock up on mine for a little while and she wanted to get some drinks for tonight as it’s her cousin’s birthday.  Oh yeah, a little stop at the Party place. I got some wrapping paper for me. We hung out back at her house after.  Watched Fear.  Took some pics.  Carol took me home. Thanks for the lovely ride home! =)  Isaiah was already home from work when I cam ehome.  So we just enjoyed the rest of the night being together and eventually going to bed.


Today, we don’t know yet what we are doing.  East Park is out of the question today though, no car.  So we’ll have to figure out what we’ll do.  We may be here for the day, but go out later on, like after dinner or something with Summers.  Laser Quest maybe?  I dunno.  We kinda want to stay in downtown if possible.  Not wasting money on cabs or the bus.   Clubbing is out of the question unless if I go with the girls, which there’s no plans to speak of that as far I know (Isaiah and Summers  want a break from it for a while).


But Sunday’s definitely set with being at my parent’s house later in the day for visiting and having dinner.  We’ll have stories from my little brother Alex, who had been in Honey Harbour for two weeks (he’s back today).


Oh, I have some more update on the kitty.  Shadow actually meowed for the first time in many, many months at the door around 11 PM Thursday night to get in (these are mom’s words).  I remind you, he is not usually a verbal kitty.  He’s more of a visual one.  Like he’ll be up the windowsill or curled up in his basket to get attention that he’s home and wants to be inside. And for going outside, he’ll have his paws up the door like he’s stretching to want to go play!   Like, what I have mention many times about Shadow, he’s an adorable, crazy and odd kitty.  He’s not like the others that we’ve had in previous years.


Anyway, I’m off to go. So, I wish you all an gorgeous Saturday to be crazy and funny!  Keep on rocking and smiling! =)









p.s. I’m displaying this adorable kitty pic that I had gotten from Marky!

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