Beautiful Blueness In the Sky! =)

Hi People!


Here’s the peek into my life that I live in love.  So here’s your fix on my craziness.  Isn’t that a word? Haha.   It’s been an interesting week thus far.


Tues and Wednesday was mainly consisting of work and fanshawe.  What? What was I doing at the college?  Well, I decided to participate in this career-testing thing.  Find out more options of what I can do in terms of making a living and furthering my education to accomplish that. So I had three hours of testing Tuesday night and 2 hours Wednesday morning!  I was very tired out both days.  My eyes were shifting like I was coming from a coma; okay may be not that extreme. I was able to see things just a little blurry.  More like I was recovering from a hangover, but walking fine.  Anyway, I find out in two weeks time what my results are and have 3 more appointments in one hour sessions in regards to that.  So It should be interesting!


Nothing much happened today. Just working but my feet aches. My sandals got torn last week or the week before so I’ve been wearing those high heels.  I swear I have gone shopping to look for new sandals but can’t find any good ones.  Grumbles .  Maybe time to do white oaks for that.  I’ve already been in the Masonville area.  Who wants to come and look?


This weekend… Hmmmm.  Well, I’m to head over to my best friend, Carol after work tomorrow to hang out at her house. I haven’t been inside her house for ages.  Probably just before finals.   So that was what? April?  Yeah, that long.  I know. tsk tsk me!  Anyway, it should be a fun night.  I’ll be photoaholic as usual. Hehe


Saturday… Isaiah and I are thinking of doing East Park with Scott Summers.  I want the three of us to do go-karting.  I haven’t done it since I was 18 (the last time I was up in Collingwood).  So It really depends if we can borrow Isaiah’s mom’s car for that at least.  We’ll see.  If not, we’ll probably just stay home and walk to St. Peter’s for the 6 PM mass.


Sunday… well if we do east park Saturday, we go to mass for 1 PM Sunday.  Also, we go to my parent’s house for dinner & visit that night.  Alex will be back since he will have returned Saturday from Honey Harbour (where his QEC camp was).


Well that’s about all that is new. I think.  Oh, we found out the other day. I think Monday.   Dylan and Sarah will be moving to the main apartment of the house September 1st.   That should be interesting.  Well, Dylan and Sarah have lived together about 3 ½ years and have been living around the Adelaide/Dundas area since Feb 2002.


Alright . Enuff trails for now.  Enjoy the hot air balloons that are up in the clear blue sky!  Hehe. Night all!







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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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