The Sweetness Of Life!!!

Hi Everyone!
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!! I sure did! Haha.  Let’s trace back to Thursday.  I went out with my sutton girls and mike to Outback Steakhouse.  I’d never been there before.  It was great.  Lovely time to catch up with everyone.   Kathy and I share a week off late August/Early September. Hehe. It always ends up to be that way almost every year! hehe.  Tammy’s doing really well with her pregnancy.  She finds out next month of her baby’s sex.  She’s started to show more but that’s because Tammy’s always been slim (like I was in HS).  It’s cute though! 🙂
Friday.. what did we do? Oh yeah. Not much! However, Isaiah and I went to a late show at Silvercity for War of The Worlds!  We saw Tyler there.  He compliments good on my hair. Thank you!  We enjoyed the movie.  Isaiah had already seen it with Summers a couple weeks back but I hadn’t seen it, and Isaiah was like oh your gonna love this movie.. Tom Cruise is one of my fave actors and I’ve liked most of his movies thus far.  The movie was really good.
Saturday… Isaiah and I were really busy!  We went to Port Burwell for the beach.  Gorgeous weather!  We both got some colour.  Somewhat of a tan and a sunburn for both of us.  My face is the worst, but it does have a bit of a glow now 🙂   We took a few pictures so yay, more sexy me and him and i took one of him with his mom!  After the beach, we came back to London.  We made a stop back at our place to change and relax for a little while.  Then we went back to his parents house for some hamburgers/hotdogs (this was our dinner).  Yummy stuff!  We eventually went to Bluefest at Harris Park (didn’t go inside the fest.. $$) but we were right outside of the band stage  so we did get somewhat of a good view to watch REO Speedwagon play for a good while.  We headed home after.  We were so pooped out!
Oh yeah, when we were at the beach, there were some of little kids there.  I had a bit of a baby fever again.  There were some little girls, and i’m thinking, i really want our first child to be a girl.  Of course, we wouldn’t be starting our family for a couple more years or so.   But I think i know that God has destined us for have our little girl first so we’ll have to see down the road when we’re ready.
Sunday was still somewhat busy for us too! I got the car in the morning as my parents dropped it off as they were going to my uncle’s cottage for the day.  So we went grocery shoppping, the mall, future shop, pier one and some takeout food (subway..MMMM!). Plus, we had pet sitting responsibility.   Isaiah’s parents were doing major cleaning of their house so we had the cat and the dog here for a while.  Ironically,  we were also in the care of Niko and Shadow at my parents house.  They were being good though.   We got to relax for the evening though so we just watched tv, online stuff, and etc.  So that was good. 
I heard though that last nite when my parents returned back to their house after being at the cottage (and this was after I had made one last trip out to check on the pets), Shadow was on the roof (I think because of the lightening storm that we all experienced last nite).  He’s such a devil that kitty!  he hadn’t been on the roof in a year when we got him declawed (last August). So he somehow got on it.  Shadow eventually came down and had a BIG sleep.  Slept until 9 AM , which is very rare for Shadow because he’s usually up when the sun rises.  Unlike Niko who sleeps until everybody’s awake. Hehe.
Today,  I’ve been off from work. This is my last monday off work.  Starting next week, I’ll be working pretty much full time. Mon to Fri until my vacation week so.. i think 3 full weeks. 🙂   I returned the lexus to mom this morning, and we pulle dout some weeds out front of our place.  I’ve done some laundry, dishes, cleaning the house, making the bed. .but had a lot of TV time, and just relaxing. 
Today’s the first day that Isaiah’s on his 10 hour shift at work as well (he works for 4 days for that 10 hour shift).   I’ve heard from him already and he seems to be doing well.   We both believe though, that this shift will only last until September because there’s been talks of another shift bid happening later next month for to be effective Sept.  I just hope that he’ll still have the weekends off, come Sept too.  We’ll see!  Okay, well we’re all update now eh? Cheers! Hehe.  I hope you all have a wonderful evening!  Muah for now!

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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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